Marketing-, communication- & sales course 


In this course you will learn technics to design your life more attractively and more beautiful. What does that mean?

Many relationships fail due to a lack of communication. It is not only important what we say but also how we say it. Our body posture, choice of words, voice, gestures and facial expression do have a leading role in a conversation. In this course you will be taught the very details which our general school education does not teach. You will also learn to share your ideology and view of life with others and make it clear where you stand in life.

This course will provide you with the following abilities and knowledge:

  • Understanding human beings - The secret of non- spoken communication such as body language and to understand its signals.

    Due to this ability you can read peoples´ behavior which makes it easier to build up conversations.

  • Act self-confident and develop into a winning personality

    Move more self-confident among your surrounding society. Don´t get insecure in hectic situation. Develop the ability to fascinate the people with your charismatic personality.

  • ​Self-marketing – share your view of life and ideas with others

    Learn to promote yourself and your ideas whether in a personal conversation or via internet.

Who will teach this course?

This course will be taught by Mister Isik Birol. You will receive the best knowledge on topics such as sales, communication, marketing, positioning at market, behavioral research, psychology and mental strength. He himself has been using that knowledge successfully since 12 years.

>> Short biography of Mister Birol Isik >> click here

Short overview of your advantages

During this marketing-, communication- and sales course you will learn technics, strategies and methods which you need in your daily life to build up relationships to other people successfully and to develop into a winning personality. Success will then be „unavoidable“.

Combined with the course motivation- and mental coaching (personality development) you will create a secure base for success and honesty in your life. By using this knowledge daily you will create a new consciousness which will help you to achieve whatever you wish for in love, health, job and finances.

​Some information about Mister Birol Isik – Successful coach and expert on topics such as motivation, sales, health and mental strength

​Mister Isik Birol has precious knowledge which he has been using himself successfully since more than 15 years in sales. When he was 22 years old he held over 6'000 sales talks as eternal duty employee. He built up a database of over 800 clients in the financial field from scratch. Since 2012 he has his own business. Since then he has trained many personalities successfully about mental strength, health, marketing, communication etc. in his seminars and private coachings.  Together with Mrs. Daniela Lovric he inspires, motivates and fills over 3 million people with enthusiasm for his unique concept on different internet platforms.

If you want to become more successful you need to deepen your own personality. A lot of people are not successful because they are controlled by fears, problems, doubts and a low self- confidence.

Mister Isik uses reality oriented knowledge in his coaching. What makes him an ideal coach is the fact that he is authentic, honest, straight forward, warm and demanding.

Qualifications needed for this course

  • Interested to achieve something

  • Participants from Switzerland/Germany/Austria

  • Accept changes

  • Fluent in German language (speaking and writing)

  • Age 18-65 years



After reading your contact inquiry you will receive a call within the next 72 hours under the condition that you have qualified for a personal call. Please understand that the academy might make use of its right not to answer your inquiry due to the high number of qualified applicants.

Key data

Title of course: Marketing-, communication- & sales course 

Start of course: t.b.d

Time: 11.00am 

Duration: 5 Hours 

Minimum number of participants: 5

Location: Zürich | Switzerland

Your investment: CHF 2'349.- instead of CHF 2'790.- (discount only for limited time)

Our recommendation: Motivation & mental coaching course >> find details about this course (click here)

Certificate: If participated successfully you will receive a certificate.

​Attention: Due to the high demand we have the right not to call back all interested applicants.

More Details & Registration: E-Mail 

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