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Leadership Seminare Birol Isik
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Birol Isik - Coach & Speaker
Birol Isik - Coach & Speaker
birol isik
birol isik
birol isik
birol isik
Birol Isik - Coach & Speaker
birol isik
birol isik

Birol Isik


Mister Isik justifies his name well. Isik stands for “Light” in turkey language. It is a fact that when he enters a room he enlightens not only the room but also the heart of people there. He is able to make people grow thanks to his positive, unique and authentic appearance. He is an artist full of unexpected facets.


What makes him a unique human being is the fact that he can release huge amounts of positive life energy that allows him to achieve unbelievable things. His thirst of knowledge in combination with his mental strength, his visionary thinking and his business abilities gives him a chance to use his fullest potential.


Short biography

He was born March 4th.1982. The first 7 years of his life he and his family lived in poverty South East of Turkey. Due to the fights and political persecution of his family´s Kurdish minority they were forced to flee the country and started a new life in Switzerland. His father worked the hard job of a construction worker and had to feed a family of 6 with an income of CHF 4000.-per month in costly Switzerland.


Wishing for a happy life full of harmony


Because of his traumatic childhood Birol developed a deep longing for a happy life full of harmony with the people around him. So he started self-studies about psychology, behavioral science, awareness development, and communication from early age on. It was important knowledge for his job career that followed his school education as well as for developing his personality.

Professional success


It was not easy for Mister Isik to start his job career. Looking for a position as apprentice led to over a 150 job denials. As he was not get hired anywhere he started to work as temporary handyman. Hard physical work followed such as loading containers, cleaning toilets or working at an assembly line.


Position as apprentice in a logistic center


Mister Isik always wanted become a commercial office oriented employee. He never gave up and finally found a company that hired him as apprentice.

One of the most successful external duty sales representatives


His enormous interest in people guaranteed him an awesome success as external sales people of a financial oriented company. He was able to sign up 800 new clients within 8 years. He was highly recommended by his costumers due to his trustworthy, authentic and friendly character.


A role model for sales personalities and advisers


His motivating and inspiring way of living “infected” many other sales personalities and advisers. Mister Isik received more and more inquiries if he would not like to share his knowhow in coaching which he finally did. He has been coaching and training countless people in sales and advised leading managers how they could increase sales of their products successfully with help of mental strength, marketing and sales strategies.


Mister Isik gave speeches and lectures and has been coaching private persons as well about mental strength, personality development and communication.


Without a meaning of life there is no life energy


After more than 8 years working in financial sector Mister Isik realized that it was not his kind of world anymore. It became pointless for him to continue his job. Lower bank interests led to lower guaranteed income. “We were forced to sell. It was not about our costumer anymore. The more we sold the more commission we earned. But I could not stand behind this philosophy anymore” Mister Isik said in an interview. He also emphasized that the financial branches work very shallow, most employees were unhappy with their employer. In his opinion long term success is not possible to achieve when interests of people are ignored and selling is based only on financial reasons.



In 2012 Birol Isik finally set up his own company. He works as a Leadership expert and as a coach in personal development. He has successfully trained over 8'000 people in countless seminars, workshops, and coaching since then. He also wrote two books which are being reedited in co-work with Mrs. Daniela Lovric at present. The power couple built up a Facebook follower community of over 37' 000 people. An online Academy followed in 2019 (

His coaching concepts often develop during creative activities such as meditation, painting, dancing, and also studying the economy as well as the nature. Mister Isik teaches the following topics in his coaching, seminars and lectures:


  • Communication

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Mental strength

  • Leadership

  • Start-up-coaching

  • Personal development

The Knowledge Mister Isik teaches was actively used during his time as external duty sales employees. He deepened it with self- studies on daily base. His knowledge is so wanted at the market that companies and private costumers pay over CHF 500. -/hour for his coaching. Profit along with numerous people and companies from his expertise and inform yourself about topical lectures, seminars and courses.

Details about courses, coaching and seminars by Mister B. Isik (in german):