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Antonia (58) - Oberwil (ZG)

Leadership training "lead myself"

"Dear Birol, I experienced the joy to participate in your leadership program during nine Sundays last October.

I will start my Certificated Nutrition Coach training coming February 2017. It has been an exciting time so far. I have been highly motivated by you and your pleasant way of treating people and teaching the material.


I will truly miss it until my next course. You have such a great expertise and that turns every training day into an adventure. It leaves you hungry for more.


The most fascinating thing is that you put a spell on people no matter what age they are. I can highly recommend your Academy.

I wish you lots of strength, enthusiasm and inspiration for our future to lead your business as successfully as you do already."


Feedback Juni 2017

bewertung birol isik coaching snf academ

Soopy (29) - Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland

Mental Coaching Birol Isik
leadership Coaching Birol Isik

Nutrition Coaching Birol Isik 

It’s time to talk about someone who just came into my life like 13 weeks ago and already has a big influence in my being and took me to a new level of mind setting. Maybe you already noticed, that positive thinking is a big part of my life, which I attach a lot importance to. In case you didn’t, check out my older blogs ;-) ...

I was so deep in this content that I started to read books about it and listening to motivation speeches on youtube on a daily basis. From the beginning I knew, that’s the way I want to live!! I want to live the life I want, I want to do what I love and want to. I want to be my own boss! I don’t want to be a random number in anybody’s world. I want to create my own world, my own destiny.


The best example for me was the hard work I put into my training. My body was changing in a good way because of my attitude. I want it to process, I want it so bad it became my passion and nothing could have stop me to reach my goal. Yes, I know, still a long way to go, but I’m not that skinny guy back then in 2010 anymore. I weighed 56 to 58 kg and lifted 30kg on the bench-press (and nearly died). No, now I’m a 68-70kg guy, who lifts 90kg. And you know what? I am damn proud!


*Yes… I’m taking a really deep breath, just to enjoy these words and this moment :)*


Let’s get back to the topic of this blog.

In my blog “losing and finding motivation” I’ve mentioned a facebook post about an academy called Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, short SNFA. Birol Isik and Daniela Lovric created this academy for people who want to get out of the system, for people who try to live their dreams. Birol Isik made the decision to change his life three years ago. He was sick of the regular system in our lifes and he knew he got to change something, not just for him, no, for as many people as he can reach. When I first read this post, I was like, everything sounds nice and good, but the diploma is not approved by Swiss federal schools neither by any fitness centres. But still, I couldn’t stop to read it again and again. Everything just felt right, except of this one detail. Regardless I decided to fill in the contact formula with no expectation of an answer. But the day after, Birol Isik called me and we made an appointment.


Three days later we met at his unfinished centre, just to get to know each other. My first impressions were great. It felt good, the relief that I wasn’t the only one who’s mind setting/the mental aspect of life was so important. No, Birol lives it to the fullest and he is by far more into it than me. He has already reached a level, which is unbelievable to me. Back then, I already realised, that this guy can change my life. He has the ability and the knowledge to take me to another level. So I decided to sign into his academy. There was just one hitch, he doesn’t work with everybody. He chooses his students and only picks people he wants to work with. For me, I had to wait, until he gave me his feedback.

Surprisingly he called me back two days later and told me, in terms I want to, I could join the academy and we can start to work together.


A weekend after this happened; he finally opened his and Daniela Lovric’s centre. After 3 years of heartfelt hard work, they finally made it. You could see their happiness and the fulfilled feeling in their eyes. That was just a proud moment for them both. Congratulation!


9 weeks ago, I started with the academy; the first part was mental coaching & Sales. And damn… it couldn’t have start anyway better than this. Like I said, Birol's mental level is so deep. I just sat in class and listen to his words.. The hours flew by like in a wink of an eye. Crazy!!! I mean, who else can say “I love to go to school” or “I can’t wait for the next lesson”


It’s unbelievable what he already has changed in my mind and in my belief what I can reach. Now I know I can really become and get what I want and no one can stop me except me!


Yeah, it sounds very simple and like a sentence you hear and read every day. But if you really know, what these words mean, the true power of them, you wouldn’t sit here and read this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fortunate and happy that you read my blog, but if you really know the power of “no one can stop me except me”, you would do everything to get what you deserve, every single time with no break and no excuses!


Now I just want to take a moment and say some words to Birol:

Man, I can’t describe in words how thankful I am. Your energy, your spirit, your mind setting are so unbelievable deep. Because of you, I know I’m not the only one who thinks different and now I really believe in myself! You’ve gave me the strength I never had! You told me to be proud of who I am and to love myself! Since I met you, I realised that I didn’t really know myself, who am I? What do I really want? Where am I really from? I know so many stats about basketball players I look up to, but I never had my own. Now, I started to make my own stats, to get to know myself in a new way and it feels so good to see all the good things about myself. Thank you so much! I really look up to you and it’s so inspiring that you share your energy to try to help other human beings! I do deeply appreciate it. I promise, one day, I pass the spirit I’ve learned from you and help other people to make the world to be a better place!

Hmm I think that’s it. I could write a couple more hours, but not yet :) it’s to be continued..


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Nadja (39) - Frauenfeld (ZH)

Leadership training "lead myself"


Once more I was able to enjoy the passion that Birol uses when he presents his lectures. Every Sunday we started our training the same way at the academy: I was greeted with the most friendly smile and positive power and energy.

This training teaches you to work with your own personality and to develop it, too. You have to leave your so called comfort zone and you even enjoy doing so.

It is an art to lead you. Birol´s passion for coaching actually brings out a lot of different facets of life.

During his coaching topics will be discussed that will probably never be topics in any other school. Another unique experience is to see that each lesson is actually adjusted to the needs of the class. It was fascinating for me to see how our class was a community from the very start. We supported each other and wished for the very best for each of us.

You get challenged to work on your own character within those 9 intensive Sundays and you feel how you change for the better with each passing week. Not the brochures handed out are the most remarkable thing but the tools of how to use what we learned are the real treasures in this course. Every person feels that all the topics are based on own experience of Birol. It is his passion to believe in peoples´ good side and his deep wish to help people. It is love that makes people happy and inspires them move forward in life.

Many thanks for the constructive time, Birol!


​Course „Become a successful lecturer“​

*I participated in the seminar called „successful way of giving a lecture” by the SNF Academy. I can really recommend it. The seminar is given in a small group to make sure that everybody gets what he/she really needs.

I am always inspired by the fact how much we can actually express with help of mimic, body language and sound of voice, especially how one achieve peoples´ attention. We did not only receive a hand out, it was indeed much more than that – what can I say: It was “Birol like”! We worked through a lot of practical exercises. That actually brought up a real WOW effect among us. Birol added a lot of energy and heart felt passion into the seminar. He took his time for practical exercises with every single person in the group and shared a lot of his experience and passion that he uses in his way of communicating with people.


​It is already worth to visit this seminar just for the sake of finding out what a successful lecture stands for. Not only can I recommend this seminar for future speakers but also for lecturers, consultants and sales representatives. "

Feedback October 2016

Kevin B. (24) - Studen (BE)

Leadership training "lead myself"

"My Leadership-training was a very intense and powerful transformation program. It taught me how to change my life due to dynamic way of acting. Birol Isik taught me how I could make my dreams come true and how to live a completely new life. I had always questioned the same topics in life but never received any answers. Questions about job, relationship or physical wellbeing remained unanswered.

I left behind a lot of old structures. I thank Birol from the bottom of my heart and hope that as many people as possible will profit of his great trainings and courses."


Mental Coaching Course, Marketing-, Sales and Communication Course

​"I had never witnessed such a level of energy and passion with which Birol leads through his training in any seminar before. Every participant feels that he really lives what he teaches. He hits the nail on the head with his enormous energy and heart and sympathy. The concept is far from what I had read, seen or learned anywhere before. His training and coaching is an absolute must if you want to take off to the next higher level in your life!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend and I am very much looking forward to the next instructive lectures with you.”

Feedback April 2017

Jacqueline (32) - Deitingen (SO)

14 weeks transformationprogram

"I had the opportunity to meet Birol Isik during the 14 weeks transformation training. It was an unbelievable experience meeting and working with him, very special indeed.

The 9 weeks Leadership training was part of the whole program. You could name it the Mercedes Benz among the mental coaching educations available. Birol Isik´s expertise and experience is unbelievable. He passes that knowhow in a very unique way to his students. I experienced energy, motivation, commitment, and tons of love during my training. Everything I learned changed my life tremendously. Lectures were structured individually and Birol paid attention to every single student in the course.

Thanks to Birol I live a different life today. Every day starts with a motivation rush and I experience highlights every single day of my life. I deal with people differently now and my view of life is much more positive. I manage daily schedules with lots of energy and motivation.

I do add this positive energy into my business now. Things changed in my business as well and I changed the beaten path to a new more promising route.

I am excited to find out what else my family and I will experience in the near future. One thing for sure, I will remain a member of the SNFA family. As a future “Leader Club” member I am looking forward to exciting Club meetings and constructive exchange with other leaders.

Not only did I learn a lot at SNFA but also met wonderful, caring and unique people. I am sure that we can achieve grant things together in future. Thank you for the wonderful time and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon again."

Feedback Juli 2017

Tatjana (33) - Zuchwil (SO)

Mental Coaching Course

"Energy, strength, motivation and happiness; all that is felt when Mister Birol Isik speaks. I did self-studies about positive thinking but never achieved a real mental top fitness. But thanks to the mental coaching of Birol all doors have opened for me. All fears, insecurity and self -doubting disappeared just like that. The spots which had been dark before have turned into light. I will always recommend you. Many thanks for all the energy.”


Feedback April 2017

Chantal Leuzinger (28) - Oetwil an der Limmat (ZH)

Mental Coaching​  Birol Isik 

"Years ago I was already interested in this topic and highly motivated about it. The mental coaching impressed and inspired me tremendously from the very beginning. I was speechless and confused in positive ways and had difficulties to even relax after school from first lesson on. I did not even want to sleep anymore. Too many questions, reconfirmation of my thoughts, new ideas, deep emotions and so much more stormed towards me. My way of thinking changed with each additional day at the Academy. Even until today.


Thanks to Birol I do receive new impressions, new perspectives, more energy and tons of motivation and strength. Fears and doubts vanished automatically. The topics and experiences Birol spoke about where brilliant. I am really happy and thankful that I decided to join this training. I can only recommend it to everybody because it changes you, your body, your spirit and your soul. It changes your entire life.”

Feedback Mai 2017

Daniel (44) - Basel (BS)

Training Leadership – Lead Myself - Birol Isik


"Mister Birol Isik shows his true talents during the Leadership „Lead Myself“training. The knowledge which he passes onto his students with commitment and passion is very precious for the development of your own personality. You start to get to know yourself much better and to also understand your own personality. You are totally beaten after each day at the academy. But you can barely wait for the next coming Sunday to continue your training and to receive your next portion of “Birol Power” right from next day on. During this education you will receive all the knowledge you need to either start your own business successfully or to get a leading position in a company. Thank you for the taught knowledge and the energy we were allowed to load Birol. I can really recommend this education program for everybody."

Training to „Certificated Nutrion Coach“+ Certificated Personal Trainer“


“I had the opportunity to get to know Daniela Lovric as a self-confident and friendly lady who has an incredible knowledge about nutrition and fitness. It is really astonishing considering the fact that Mrs. Daniela Lovric and Mister Birol Isik built up the whole SNF Academy concept from scratch. Not only is the academy a school for nutrition and fitness but also an academy for life where you can learn all you need to know for a fulfilled and happy life. It is really important for me to thank Daniela Lovric and Birol Isik for their warmth and frankness. I call it a privilege to have met these two wonderful people. "

Feedback November 2016

Michaela (33) - Oftringen (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"I always have to grin when I think back to the short but intensive time at SNF Academy. Birol, Daniela and Ebru – I call them the three musketeers.


I had never met such warm, inspiring and humorous people bevor. I was lucky because I had the opportunity to get to know all three of them during my training for nutrition coach at the academy.


Birol always awaited us with lots of humor in each lesson. They do things differently, brave and very uncommon - Mavericks indeed they are. He showed us new ways of thinking in his humorous ways and his questions really inspire you to think about answers. It was always a great start into a training day at the Academy.


Daniela accompanied us every Saturday and taught the lectures together with Ebru. One time she asked us to name 10 points that stand for ourselves. That was one of the exercises. Well I could easily name 10 points that are parts of Daniela´s personality. Warm, self-confident, caring, smart, humorous, inspiring, brave, thirsty for knowledge, friendly, charismatic, authentic, helpful, creative, full of energy…..


She is a power lady from head to toe! She shared warmth, joy and positive charisma with us right from the start. You could also name her a walking dictionary. Whatever question you have Daniela has an incredible knowledge and is able to answer all questions with greatest of ease. She lives her passion for her job. Everybody is aware of that.


Ebru is known among all students for her famous heartwarming, loud laughter. You cannot help it but join her laughter and hence you carry her in your heart right away. Ebru taught us all the intensive lessons in an exciting and practical way.

She managed to teach us some of the most complex topics in the easiest possible structure. Daniela and Ebru are the combination of knowledge, humor and warmth. Simply brilliant!

I joined the Academy with the expectation to learn more about nutrition. But all the things I learned during the 11 weeks at the Academy were way beyond that. I learned to find my inner strength and to accept it. I learned new things with each passing day. I learned to be brave, to leave my comfort zone to become better with each passing day. They taught me to do what I love to do and that I would achieve happiness and be a role model to others if I do so.

I was allowed to meet three unique, loving and happy personalities who fulfilled the life of their dreams with bravery and who inspire other people by doing what they do."


Feedback April 2017

Jan (20) - Meinisberg (BE)

Mental Coaching Course & Communications-, Marketing- & Sales Course

"First I want to thank Birol for this interesting and instructive time.

Due to this course I have not only increased my knowledge but also developed my personality further. I have learned to see thing differently in life and be more aware of certain developments. Hence I do act differently now. I have learned how to sell correctly. I do not have to chase a costumer but rather conquer his heart. I also learned that I am selling constantly as sales, communication and marketing work together without clear cut borders. After all I am selling a brand, the brand “I”.


Birol is a positive, happy and very competent person. He is capable to fascinate people with his huge knowledge and energy. The training days passed so fast and the participants didn´t even want to take breaks as the contents of the lectures were so fascinating and had us all so thirsty for knowledge. My conclusion: Both courses were very instructive and turned me into a complete new human being.

At the end a quoting by Birol which really fascinated me and made me think a lot about my life. “Success is a matter of giving!”

Feedback April 2017

Petra (31) - Schöftland (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

„This Academy is really great and it is so much fun to train there. Ebru, Daniela and Birol do their job with tons of fun, love and passion. Not only were we taught all necessary knowledge about nutrition but also about life in general. The advice we got for our everyday life led to thinking and questioning about our entire life and the world we live in. This is not some sort of basic everywhere to be found school but a true academy for mavericks.

We did gather a lot of knowledge within those 11 weeks. The lecturers have achieved an enormous level of knowledge and do have an easygoing charismatic way to teach that knowledge to others. I have enclosed them in my heart from day one. Daniela and Ebru do always complete each other perfectly and knew an answer to whatever question popped up.


I was looking forward to participating in the lessons every single week and am looking forward to adding the training for personal trainer as well. At this time I want to take the chance to thank you for everything so far, Ebru, Daniela and Birol.”

Feedback April 2017

Letizia (24) - Wittenbach (SG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Bevor I started my training as nutrition coach I was bothered by self- doubts if I really had taken the right decision. But within the very few first minutes at day one of my training those doubts vanished. With each passing lesson I realized that the SNF Academy is actually a wonderful school with brilliant unique people teaching there. Not only do participants learn a lot about healthy food but also about themselves and a new awareness about daily life. For me that school was a great help to achieve more in life in every aspect. I would recommend the Academy to everybody who wants to achieve more and develop a greater awareness and consciousness in life and learn a lot meanwhile. Many thanks Daniela, Birol and Ebru.”

Feedback April 2017

Petra (36) - Thierachern (BE)

Education Certificated Nutrition Coach

"My education as Nutrition Coach with Ebru and Daniela was really exciting and extremely instructive. It never grew boring with them. I was happily looking forward to driving to Muri to the Academy every Saturday. There was always tons of laughter and I learned a lot and got to know new friends. Daniela ´s professional knowledge is incredible. You can ask her almost every question she will know the answer. Both women answered every question patiently. Ebru and Daniela teach in a charming, amusing way. Their way of explaining things is easy to understand. It is so much fun to follow their lectures and I sucked up every single word like a sponge. :-)

The inputs in between have filled us with additional knowledge which is important for the future in this job career. One is aware that they do have a lot of experience and have studied deeply into the topics they teach. SNFA is a completely different yet very personal Academy and recommendable for everybody. It is inspiring to participate in the courses there and also a true enrichment for your consciousness.


Dearest Ebru, Daniela and Birol thousand thanks that you share all your knowledge with us and that you are such great human beings."

Feedback April 2017

Biljana (39) - Bülach (ZH)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I was able to participate in the training program at SNF Academy and am very happy about my decision that I applied and got accepted there. I went to the lectures fully motivated and curiously from day one. No wonder as the best lecturers teach here.

Daniela has an incredible knowledge. She knows an answer to every question. The lessons were always so exciting that I regretted to go for a break even. Daniela is a true expert when it comes to nutrition. If I ever had a health problem I would consider her advice first. As a person she is warm, trustworthy, and she has an impressive charisma. She recommends only what she identifies herself with a 100%.  You can absolutely trust her.

Sympathy, warm, courteous – that is Ebru Kanik. She is such a cheerful person. Her laughter lingers in a room for a long time whenever she laughs. Ebru is an impressive young woman who forms an interesting and alternately way of teaching. She explains everything into detail. I was lucky to also get to know Ebru as my personal nutrition coach. She really tries her best to help a person to reach the set goals. Her knowledge about nutrition and health is impressive.

I am very thankful that I am able to profit from Daniela´s and Ebru´s knowledge and qualifications. I can truly recommend the SNF Academy as training center for everybody."

Feedback April 2017

Marina (49) - Grosswangen (LU)

Education Certificated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer


"Meeting such wonderful people like Birol, Daniela and Ebru is the best that happened to me in a long time. They have really given me the input to leave the daily grind of our society and to live my dream. Birol with his unbelievable energy, Daniela with her incredible expertise and Ebru who supports Daniela so well are an unbeatable team. I can highly recommend the education courses at the SNF Academy to every person who wants to achieve more in life. Thank you for everything my dear ones, to participate in your trainings was the best decision in my life.”

Feedback April 2017

Richard (43) - Hünenberg (ZG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"The training for nutrition coaches at SNFA is managed by Daniela Lovric and Ebru Kanik. The way they teach is instructive, easy to memorize and on highest educational level. All questions are answered with competence. If an answer is not possible right away they search for the trustworthy information to be able to answer it during the following lecture.


Daniela´s knowledge is huge and really impressive. Presentation of the lessons by Daniela and Ebru alternately is full of varieties, refreshing and never boring. The way the two women teach is honest and authentic as well as friendly which makes the lectures really interesting. Training days with Daniela and Ebru are a highlight of all trainings I have had so far in my life. I am looking forward to participating in further courses of SNF Academy."

Feedback April 2017

Mario (33) - Dottikon (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"This is a one in a kind training! You won´t find a similar school in the whole country of Switzerland. Daniela with her many years of experience managed to make me understand things that no other trainer could have taught me. Ebru and her sympathy have pushed me to continue my education. I can highly recommend the SNF Academy. The atmosphere is friendly, almost family like, full of fun yet serious at the same time. The education to Nutrition Coach has helped me to develop a healthier body and to win new customers. Only at the SNFA you will learn that kind of material and knowledge. The teachers are interested in every single student participating there. Their goal is it to create unique coaches and in my case they succeeded. Because of you I am also unique. J Thank you for the co-operation and the wonderful time that I was allowed to share with you.”

Feedback April 2017

Dominic (21) - Mels (SG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"The Training Certificated Nutrition Coach is really awesome! I learned so much and Daniela´s and Ebru´s expertise is on highest level. Their personalities are fabulous! I would recommend the courses of SNF Academy to everybody who wants to become a nutrition coach or take additional educational courses in life. This Academy is really great and you learn for your entire life!”

Feedback April 2017

Jonas (23) - Lengwil (TG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"You can barely explain this school in words.  Unbelievable! I can highly recommend this Academy to everybody who wants to achieve his/her goals and who wants to make dreams come true.


Daniela Lovric has an incredible knowledge about health and nutrition. I did have a good basic knowledge already since I held a certificate as Instructor at the time of my registration. But nevertheless I was able to gather a lot of new knowledge. Many thanks, Daniela.

You do feel that she loves and lives what she does for a job with every single cell of her body!


Ebru Kranik is a very funny yet competent person. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and I had never had so much fun and motivation as during lessons at SNF Academy.

Even though Birol joined us only for a short while one could feel how much energy he radiates. He is a top motivating person. Thank you also for your support Birol.“

Feedback April 2017

Cornel (40) - Kloten (ZH)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I had the privilege to participate in the training program for Certificated Nutrition Coach. My coaches were Daniela Lovric and Birol Isik. This was an education of SUPERB class and style!!!

It was very impressive to witness how much knowledge Daniela retrieved every day. It was very, very exciting and extremely instructive. I was able to suck up everything and learned it well.

The way Daniela formed the lessons was really great! One could never feel bored or miss a single word thanks to her drawings, pictures and daily comparing to practical situations. It was simply awesome!

I can recommend this training for everybody who enjoys knowledge about nutrition and fun about anatomic.

Daniela is a great human being with competence and she is an inspiring WARM person! It is simply fun to follow Daniela´s lectures.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Daniela and of course, to Birol, too!”

Feedback October 2016

Eva (28) - Baar (ZG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"First I thought that I would „only “participate in another education. But not only did I gain additional education but was blessed to get to know one of the most fascinating women of the world.

My first impression of Daniela convinced me right away. Her warmth and her positive charisma full of love in addition to her unbelievable expertise about nutrition simply knocked me off my feet. I can and want to confirm a 100% that Daniela is THE expert when it comes to nutrition and anything related to it.


She also knows how to pay attention to every single participant in the course. What starts as a big question mark turns into a clear “Ah right, now I understand!” Even complex and difficult contents are taught almost playfully. In my opinion the lectures are set up perfectly.

It is a mixture between given contents and topics in which the participants are interested themselves. Daniela is my role model. My set goal is to coach people the way she does. If someone wants to get educated as Certificated Nutrition Coach I would highly recommend the SNF Academy.

Not only would you have access to the best education but also to a very human and familiar like learning atmosphere. SNFA has become part of my family and part of my life. To join them is and will always be the best decision I took in life!”

Feedback October 2016

Nadia (26) - Sattel (SZ)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Daniela Lovric – an unbelievably inspiring woman!


I was able to get to know Daniela at SNF Academy and was taken by surprise right from the start. She is a beautiful woman who fills each room she enters with such positive radiation and a natural laughter full of warmth and love. I had never before met such an incredible personality with positive character and respect in my entire life.


It is almost as if someone pushes a button when she fires answers to questions or when she coaches people. It is really unbelievable! At the beginning I could barely believe it. Is it really possible that a woman of such young age knows so much that she can almost talk like an encyklopia in front of people? Yes, indeed that is the way it is! She always fascinated me with her human way of treating people and her knowledge.

During each lesson one is aware that she offers pure passion about her job.

She was able to easily teach the complete connections of the whole topic nutrition due to her way of thinking things over. Everybody understood what she taught. I admire her because it is clearly understood that discipline and countless hard working hours lead to such an incredible expertise.

Not only is she very convincing but also one of the best in her field of work. She turned into a real role model for me!


I was allowed to learn so much from her in a very short time which would have never been possible in any other school. It was not only the course for nutrition coach that I was allowed to participate in but even more so a school of life.

I am very thankful to her for that incredible time and the knowledge she passed onto me!”

Feedback October 2016

Lucca (25) - Mauren (TG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I got to know Daniela beginning of August 2016 when I started my education as nutrition coach at SNF academy.


Daniela astonished me from the very first minute. With her charisma and the love she represents she fascinates everybody in the rooms of the academy. In addition her expertise is unbelievable!

Daniela could be called the second Google as she has an answer to each and every question. The SNF Academy is one of the best possibilities for education for mavericks and highly recommendable.


Daniela is a caring and warm person. She is one of the greatest personalities I have met so far. I want to thank her and Birol for the wonderful time at the academy and I am looking forward to spending more time with them in the near future.“

Feedback October 2016


Sikhu (26) - Basel (BS)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Not only the great knowledge but also her sympathy can only be appreciated and tempt me to always join for her lectures again!

Unlike other schools you are always greeted with a warm smile in the Academy and the class room vibrates with love for 6 hours. Every single topic is taught in the most understandable way even though the topic nutrition is a complex one.

I am looking forward to our future co-operation and can highly recommend the Academy."

Feedback October 2016

Lior (35) - Winterthur (ZH)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I was allowed to meet and learned to appreciate Daniela during my education for certificated nutrition coach. Her knowledge is incredible and when she talks she gets right to the point. Not only is she an authentic person but her whole personality as a human being enriched my life.


The education to certificated nutrition coach with Daniela Lovric has lifted me up to the next higher level in life, not only in my job but also in my personal life. To work with her was a very interesting experience and was highly motivating.

Daniela Lovric taught me how to coach people effectively with her personality and many years of experience. The training documents and materials help a lot in addition and do have university level.


Daniela´s enthusiasm and deep love for her job is something she lives on daily base which is an enrichment for every student in the academy. I am convinced that the SNF Academy is surely one of the best in whole of Europe and the training concept is designed not only to learn scientific knowledge but to also understand it well.


Many thanks, Daniela."

Feedback October 2016

Sandra (41) & Vitor (40), Würenlingen (AG)

"We had the pleasure to meet Daniela at one of Birol´s events. That was over a year ago. Even then we realized that she is a very positive and encouraging person. At that event she was acting mainly in the background taking over other functions such as organizing etc.

But even then we felt that she is a very innovative person. The couple Lovric/Isik really convinced us at that event. Daniela is now working as CEO since the Academy SNF has been formed. Her personality development is incredible. She managed to achieve an unbelievable knowledge in nutrition and sport in the shortest amount of time. When you talk to Daniela one can feel the way she thinks and makes use of new ideas and turns them into successful realty. She is very professional and has a charismatic way to teach topics. We can imagine her well in the position of a speaker or lecturer. It is fun to listen to her and everything she explains or lectures about is based on her great expertise.


We got to know Daniela as a very warm and caring person. She likes to take care of others and takes over responsibilities without hesitation. We never ever met her in a crouchy bad mood. To talk with her is always a positive experience because she gives everyone the feeling to be heard."

Feedback July 2016

Sandra (30) - Balgach (SG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Due to my professional career I joined the training with high expectations. These expectations were fulfilled in every way. Daniela Lovric is a very competent lecturer and she knows how to design a lecture exciting and full of variety. Even the most complex topic is easily understood due to the pictures or practical examples she uses.  Her thirst for knowledge about the topics she teaches is simply admirable and infective. Studying turns into fun when participating in her courses. One is looking forward to joining the training days every weekend.

I can highly recommend the education at SNF Academy and have never regretted joining them. “

Feedback October 2016

Tamara (24) - Wangen b. Olten (SO)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I was asked to write a feedback about Daniela Lovric. This is a real difficult task for me because it is so hard to put a personality like Daniela into words. After looking into her gleaming eyes when I entered the SNF event day it warmed my heart right away. The charisma, the love and this incredible energy...

Eleven unbelievable Sundays followed that event during which I had the pleasure to spend the time with Daniela as my trainer. Her whole personality impressed me deeply. She explained things, so patiently, so caring even if she had to explain things over and over again. We all felt that we are important people for Daniela, really important people.

Even apart of the training hours she took care of us, invested her time, and helped us to march forward.

To learn from such a wonderful human being is a real honor for me. For the very first time I experienced the fact that school can actually really be fun. So at this point: thousand thanks to you, Daniela!”

Feedback October 2016

Carmen (25) - Derendingen (SO)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Right after reading Daniela´s biography on the SNF homepage I liked her right from the start and was 100% sure that I will be taken care of perfectly at The SNFA.

I got to know Daniela as a bright and friendly person. Her expertise is astonishing and baffles me again and again. She is a warm and inspiring woman who is the ideal mentor for educating nutrition coaches and personal trainers due to her knowledge about the human body and nutrition. I was also in the lucky position to witness her teaching as nutrition coach and personal trainer and everybody feels how much she loves her job."

Feedback October 2016

Fabio (26) - Leimbach (TG)

Training Leadership/Mental Coaching - Marketing-, Communication and Sales

"Birol Isik is an outstanding person. When you look at him as he walks into a room you understand and feel his energy that radiates of him. It is energy of strength, resolution, determation and knowledge. It is a fascinating energy that almost puts a spell on the listening people. It is so strong and outstanding that you cannot help but to think that you want to have the same energy and charisma. His mental strength vaporizes insecurity and fears.


So it is understandable that he is THE coach for MENTAL COACHING & LEADERSHIP at the SNF Academy. That is his true passion, his world. That shows clearly in each second people are around him. He does not simply teach units. He really lives what he teaches and he designs each lecture according to our needs. He knows exactly when to change gears during training to make sure we understand the taught topic and can act accordingly in future to reach our set goals. The Academy is designed to let actions speak louder than words. Every person acts for his own success according to Birol.

Feedback 2016

silvan feedback birol isik.jpg

Silvan (26) - Zürich

14 weeks transformationprogram​

"One evening I scrolled through Facebook on my smartphone and came across Birol´s fan page. I liked his page after looking through it but did not think about it further. I did not have the slightest idea that it was a turning point for changes in my life. At that time I faced personal crises which I do not want to talk about here. However, his charisma and his way of thinking fascinated me and I started to overthink my life. I wanted to get to know more about this man and decided to go to one of his seminars. The thing that fascinated me mostly was his mental strength. I saw a maverick in him, a person who lives his dreams and visions.


I reflected Birol´s words again and again that evening after the seminar. My rain worked nonstop. Specially four mentioned factors kept my mind occupied: To act braver, take decisions, let go of fears, and the most important point for me, make your dreams true and live them. I resigned my job from one day to another. I travelled through Asia without any money in my pockets. I lived and trained in Thai boxing centers in Thailand, wandered through the Dschungle of Laos and slept and ate with the mountain people there, sleeping on a sheet of banana leaves. I worked as bar tender or cook in Kambodscha and so many adventures more. After my journey I decided to never return into my old job and to learn a completely new profession. Thanks to Birol I learned to act braver. I learned to follow what is right for me and not to do what others expect me to.

Birol taught me to take over responsibility for my own life and to take decisions that develop my life into the right direction. Meanwhile I am about to start my own business as social educationalist.

I am very thankful not only about getting to know you but also myself. I wish you all love and fortune in the Universe.”

Feedback 2016

Alexandra (37) - Zürich

14 weeks transformationprogram


"Thank you, it was outstanding and TOP TOP TOP!!

I already experienced a couple of trainings in big companies. But there are huge differences. Birol Isik forms his lectures authentic and includes some fun as well. We could learn things we would have never learned in normal trainings of competition schools simply because of his unique ways.


I can highly recommend the combination of sales training and mental coaching. It is important in life as well as in a job as sales person to be mentally fit. I am thankful that I was able to take place in Birol´s training.

Many thanks for all the advice for my job as well as for my life."

​Training Certificated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

"Daniela Lovric, a powerful personality with lots of talents and abilities. She is a power lady with a golden heart and a correct, ambitious and engaged way of working.

It is her true passion to support people and accompany them on their way of life. She fills in people with enthusiasm with her committed way of working and in her own unique way and also shows people where their personal limit is. SNFA is really an Academy that stands for a new era, an academy for mavericks. The way the lectures for nutrition coach and personal trainer are set up is perfectly balanced for the needs of the clients. Theoretical and practical lessons work side by side.

Daniela Lovric is a true encyclopedia, a unique, wonderful person. Some search platforms should really have the same expertise like she has. Whatever question we had, she always had an answer and explained the topic with lots of examples until we really got it what it was about. Her own enthusiasm has fascinated us every single lesson. There wasn´t a single day I didn´t enjoy going to the Academy, rather the opposite was the case, we counted the days when we would be able to go back there for our next training day.


The education showed me how much we can move, not only in sports and health but also mentally. We were able to participate in a unique training and I am very thankful for it. Now I can also teach people how to live a healthier life with the knowledge and possibilities I gained.

I can recommend this education for everybody even if you don´t want to become a coach. It teaches you what you can achieve in life and what is possible with your body. This is a very important point. It is your knowledge and your decision what you want and can do with your life.

Thank you Daniela for the opportunity to have such a great time with you.”

Feedback 2016

Erol (22) - Sankt Gallen

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

"Daniela astonishes people, not only with her expertise but also with her character. She sees things from a complete different ankle whether it is the topic nutrition, training, spirituality or teaching in common. I do dare to say that Daniela s one of the best in this field. She turns into gold what she lays hands on with her passion and heart. She has a lot of both.


Daniela is faithful to herself and very authentic. She moves people with her honest character and passion. She has a great passion to help people whether one needs help with job specific topics or advice on personal matters. She always knows an answer. Sometimes you think she is a walking encyclopedia. Daniela inspires people with her confidence and knows how to fascinate people despite her young age. I rarely met another person who has welcomed people with such empathy.


Sometimes I lose the feeling for space and time when I am around her. I could talk and philosophize with her for hours. I am very thankful not only to have Daniela as coach but also as a business partner and friend in my life.”

Feedback 2015

Lorenzo (40), Luzern 

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"Daniela is an admirable woman. She motivates people with her positive charisma and conquers you in a storm. Her knowledge is unbelievable. I was deeply impressed and she helped me to develop further. At certain times I got the impression that Daniela versus

Daniela helped me to change my attitude towards nutrition and life in general.

Quoting „ Before food went through my stomach, nowadays food goes through my head, too. “


I was able to regain my life quality and my motivation thanks to this education. But what´s even more important I can share my knowledge with others with the same passion just the way Daniela shared hers with me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful time with you two. I truly hope you have nothing but continuous success and blow people off their feet with your knowhow and your faith in your work. “

Feedback 2016

Tino  (21), Matzingen (TG)

14 weeks transformationprogram


"I always thought that these kinds of courses are not the right thing for me. That was bevor I got to know Birol. After all I didn´t have an own business and was not a sales person. So why should I learn to sell and even better what should I sell.

When Mister Isik invited me to an interview I realized that Mister Isik lives a life a lot of people wished to live. I wanted to create a life with more freedom for myself but had no clue how. After all I had to work to earn the cash to be able to afford buying things for myself.


He told me the secret to his success. He told me that successful people think differently from all others. Those people do have a knowledge that is not trained in school or apprenticeship. Successful people are able to communicate in a better way. They are able to position and sell their philosophy and ideology better at the market. I had never heard that before. He also said “We could be the best authors, musicians or actors but if the people don´t know about it they will never profit from our talents.” That convinced me and I decided to participate in all courses at SNF Academy including the Mental Coaching Course.

During the mental coaching with Mister Isik I got to know myself within 5 weeks. Now my doubts and fears are gone. I started to tackle the topics that had always scared me because now I know that I can strengthen my self-confidence if I do so. I do take decisions must faster now since participating in his courses. I learned how to set goals and work constantly on achieving them. Mister Birol Isik taught us lots of practical examples which made it easier to use the knowhow we had learned. I can clearly recommend his courses and trainings. Many thanks for the chance.”

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

​"I met Daniela when I started my Nutrition Coach training January 2016.
It was such a joy to participate in her lectures due to her incredible knowhow and positive charisma.

Daniela is a fun loving person. Her humor helped a lot to make the trainings even more exciting. Although we laughed a lot we got trained on highest level and I want to thank her for that.”


Training at the SVF Academy cannot be compared with any other school. Thanks to Daniela and Birol I developed my personality way further and I am looking forward to spending more time with them.”

Feedback 2016

Qamil  (21), Bern

Mental Coaching, Marketing-, Sales- & Communication Course

I had gone through information about mental strength since a longer period of time. I thought I knew a lot and that I knew the tricks how to program myself efficiently. But Birol blew me off my feet from the very first hour. Mental Coaching with Birol Isik triggered off completely other things in me. After his coaching I was not the same person anymore. I turned completely turned my life around!


​What impressed me most was the fact that the courses mental coaching, sales and marketing melted together to one big expertise. With each passing hour I understood more and more connections and was able to link them. The course sales and marketing showed me how important it is to position well at the market and how important skills in communication and sales are. The trainings for nutrition coach and personal trainer contain plenty of information and skills but if I do not know how to sell and position my products at the market it does not help much to know a lot.

Training Leadership "Lead Myself"

​The Leadership course influenced me and my spirit to such a degree that I was able to win 25 new clients bevor even ending the course.

Thanks to Birol I am now able to sort through my thoughts and to lead my consciousness. The newly trained positive charisma and positive way to act is something that the people around me feel. Thanks to Birol I am aware now how important the way I think about myself is.

Birol is a wonderful person! He is warm and helpful. I had the privilege to get to know him as speaker and coach. He is a brilliant speaker. His way of explaining things is so easy that one understands the most complex topics right from the start. His spiritual way calms you and awakens your own spirit. He stimulates your body and fills you with positive energy.


If I could I would repeat all his courses again. Not because I want to exaggerate here. No rather because I do know now that a word, a sentence and a thought can change your life for good!

Many thanks Birol!“

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

"I have been working out since two years. But I did not know much about nutrition and was not able to connect all the information I read in the internet. Finally I found Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy on Facebook.  I registered myself and got accepted. Thanks for that!

From the very first moment I was fascinated of the incredible knowledge of Daniela Lovric. Daniela led us through the training in a very interesting and competent way. Thanks to her networking she was able to make certain connections easy to understand. She taught me a lot and showed me to act and be active in life.

After finishing the training for nutrition coach I added the certificated personal trainer course right away. Since I had been training for two years I was convinced that I knew a lot already. Daniela Lovric proofed the opposite. The training days contain a lot of variety and are methodically organized. Not only did I achieve the nutrition knowledge but also developed a new ambitious behavior. Daniela Lovric awakened the feeling that it is possible to find yourself and make your dreams come true.

Her open and friendly way made it possible to always come forward with questions or moments of insecurity. As a person I do see Daniela Lovric as honest strong woman. Although she has an open fun-loving character she is fully aware of her competence and acts very professional."

Feedback 2016

Pascal (33), Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Switzerland

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer SNF Academy

"I had opportunities to join certain trainings before and admit openly that I was very skeptic towards the Academy in the beginning. After all, the Academy is not build up like a normal, regular school. There are no general teachers who have to march through their units in a certain limited time.

Before I started my training there I was in contact with Birol and the first time I got to know Daniela Lovric was at the beginning of my training. She put a spell on me from the first minute on. This Lady has an unbelievable charisma and power. She knows all lections by heart. Even if there is an answer which she cannot answer fully right away, she will have all details at latest at the next training day. Thanks to her exciting way of teaching full of topic varieties one looks forward to the next training day and is sad when the day at the Academy is over.

Thanks to the training as nutrition coach I do know what healthy food and eating is all about and can influence my own health with it positively. Thanks to Daniela´s enormous expertise I am able to find out false eating habits among my clients when I coach them and can offer them solutions for a healthier future. Many thanks, Daniela!”

Feedback 2016

Michael  (22), Visp, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland

Leadership Coaching Birol Isik 
Mental Coaching Birol Isik
Sales Coaching Birol Isik 
Marketing Course Birol Isik 

"As you probably know it is not easy to write a feedback. Most feedbacks are like: It was exciting and interesting. But to be honest most times we are more like “Thank God it is over and I got my certificate!”

​But the way Birol teaches is not „normal“, it is unique, and absolutely crazy. He taught me how to get to know myself. He taught me how to be happy any time and how to sell myself and anything I want. What else do you want? Well, I want these things that will never be taught in school or apprentice or at the job site.


It is simply unbelievable and I still don´ t get it that I was able to experience it. Every single day of mental coaching and our marketing course I was deeply astonished and could not believe what I was about to experience. I was speechless every time as I have never heard of such thoughts before.

I am so much looking forward to the next training days with him. Thousand Thanks for everything, Birol!“

​Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA

​„Thanks to the trainings Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA I was allowed to meet Daniela.  Daniela is a fun loving and inspiring human being.


Daniela´s knowledge about nutrition and sports is unbelievable. She knows about science of nutrition, personal training or about life in general. I am sure she is one if the best in this profession. Not only because of her expertise but also because she lives her passion for the job. I do travel from Wallis to Muri every weekend just to profit from her knowledge.

Thanks to her expertise and her excellent way of explaining things I am on my way to my self-employment and was even able to change my whole eating habits as well. I have lost 16 kilos within 4 months – that woman knows exactly what she talks about :D"

Feedback 2016

Suade (22), Zuchwil (SO)

"I met Daniela about a year ago. My first impression was that of a respectful and motivating person. I do think Daniela Lovric is a very intellectual and talented person. She often helped me by showing me a different point of view. Daniela was always very respectful towards me.

I got to know her as emphatic and caring person. Her ambition is phenomenal. I am happy to have met her and even more so to have her by my side. In case of any insecurity I would always contact Daniela about it as I trust her completely. At this point thank you, Daniela for all the caring words and your understanding. I am glad that there are people like you and am happy to know you personally.”

Joel (30), Menziken (AG)

Marketing-, Communications- & Sales course


"So far I had no experience in sales, the opposite was the case. I was almost trying to avoid sales situations. Thanks to Birol that changed completely. He gave me lots of practical advice how I should handle costumers and how I could lead a conversation into a successful direction."


Mental Coaching


"I had been mentally strong before. But I never knew how to use that strength. Like so many other colleagues I had difficulties to accept the system and felt abused. Birol Isik pulled me out of my role as a victim. His energy is infective and I would not want to miss a minute of this course."


Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA


"Daniela is one of the most incredible personalities I have ever met. It is absolutely unbelievable what expertise she has achieved on topics like nutrition and fitness and her young age. She doesn´t only hold that competence but is also very talented when it comes to teaching that knowhow. The lectures are well structured and she always adjusts to the class. She has her feet grounded and is a real power woman. She is very pleasant, helpful and warm and one can´t help but to feel comfortable around her. I am so glad I got to know Daniela.”

Feedback 2016

Donjeta (23), Pfyn (TG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA


"Daniela is a true power woman. I joined the first seminar in fall 2014. I was highly inspired by Birol who spoke at the seminar. But I was even more fascinated by Daniela when Birol introduced her to us. To be that successful at such a young age left me speechless. I am not much younger than her. When I heard that there was a nutrition coach course planned in May 2015 I decided to go for it right away. Daniela taught us so much during our training like in no other school. With her huge knowledge and her warm and relaxed way of teaching she taught us the whole material so well.  Daniela is a real role model for many women! I can really recommend her as coach for every men and women!”

Feedback 2015

Dina (23), Spiez (BE)

"I got to know Daniela as a very open minded, warm and communicative person. Thanks to her happy and sovereign character she convinced me again and again during training to pursue my goals! I think that Daniela is a role model for many women with her outstanding character. She does not try to stand out from the whole group but rather to achieve our goals together with us! The team Daniela and Birol supported me a lot during my first fashion show and celebrated its success together with me.

I am very thankful that they supported me during weak moments and for all the lovely moments we built up and enjoyed together! The SNF Academy is not just a school for me but a part of my life now. J I can recommend it to everybody who wants to add success, time and positivity to his life.”

Feedback 2015

Ebru (21), Gams (SG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA


"Daniela I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. The time I have spent with you so far has been precious and enrichment. Your authentic and warm personality is truly inspiring and motivating. Concentrated competence, knowledge and passion made trainings so fascinating and never boring. Your extensive expertise and the way you can explain it to others are outstanding. Unbelievable connections developed in school due to your and Birol´s way of inspiring people and developing peoples´ personality. Since I know you the quality of my life has changed completely. The faith in my own person and my consciousness grows almost daily. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and my dreams! Daniela you are an enrichment for human mankind and I thank you so much for your existence!”

Feedback 2015

Emina (25), Rotkreuz (LU)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA


"Mrs. Daniela Lovric is a caring, intelligent and balanced personality who knocks every body of their feet with her positive energy, including me! I met Daniela last year during a seminar and I am still thankful that I know her and am allowed to spend time with her. She trained me along with others to achieve the certificate as nutrition coach. Every training day she proofed that she puts in all her energy to educate us in the best possible way. Her knowledge about the topics she teaches fascinated me every time. It seemed so easy for her to stand in front of her class and explain the most complicated body functions. Thanks to her humor the Sunday hours flew by. On one hand she taught us all the important topics on the other hand the hours were filled with tons of fun.

The well-structured organization of her lectures showed us clearly how much work and time she put into them bevor each training session. I learned that Daniela is a trustworthy person. She is a person whose priority it is to make other people happy.”


​Feedback 2015

Sophana (26), Horgen (ZH)

14 weeks transformation program


"One day I sat in the train on my way back home and scrolled down on Facebook. Suddenly I saw this post that changed my life. Thanks to that post I got to know my mentor Birol Isik. I had been interested in the power of mental strength for quite some time before. I had read a lot of books and gathered information in social media channels about quoting like “think positive”. However, I could never settle with that topic as I felt alone with my thoughts about mental strength.


When I met Birol Isik in August 2015 I finally met a person who lives the principle of mental strength on highest level and even wants to share that knowledge with others. He astonished me from the first moment on. His whole appearance and his positive energy just sweep you away, especially when one tried to learn about that topic already.


What is his set goal? I would say he wants to inspire as many people as possible to live their dreams and support them on their way. Who can actually claim that goal for him/herself? It is simply inspiring!


Meanwhile I have visited different coaching courses held by him and have been able to profit of his positive energy. I hardly ever met a person like Birol who spreads so much positive energy like he does. I hope I can inspire so many people like he does one day and make this world a better place."


Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA

"I had the pleasure to meet Daniela during my first training for mental coaching and sales training with Birol Isik at the Academy. Even then I realized that she is an ambitious and self-confident person.

I was able to participate in her personal trainer course and it filled me with enthusiasm from the first moment on. Her knowledge is unbelievable and admirable. She knows the lectures so well that she could probably extend each training day for hours if she wanted to. Do you know teachers who simply go through their material hoping for the lesson to end fast? Daniela is the pure opposite of that. She understands the topic in all its facets. If she doesn´t know the answer to a question right away you can witness how her brain starts to work. Suddenly the information click together and BAM! - You got the solution. That is really unbelievable, especially without having books in front of her. Believe me; the study material is not easy at all that it could be learned in a few days only. My highest respect for that, Daniela! I really appreciate her knowhow. Her way of explaining things is unique. She teaches with such passion that it is fun to participate in the courses. She could actually lean back and say “I did it; I achieved what I wanted to”! But no, her thirst for knowledge is still there and people feel that she has not reached her limit yet. She wants and will learn even more and that is admirable. I carry the highest respect for her and am looking forward to my education as nutrition coach.”

Feedback 2016

Claudia (36), Muri (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA and Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA


"I do know Daniela a little over a year now and I am so happy that our paths crossed. I enclosed her honest, authentic and warm character into my heart. Daniela is a grant personality. She is always there for her people, giving advice and support and whenever we philosophize we forget room and time.

I appreciate the way she teaches as our coach. Her expertise is extremely huge and her way of explaining things is something I deeply admire. During the education everybody will receive a lot of practical advice and even after finishing the course one can always contact them for support. On my way to self-employment I often have profited from Daniela´s and Birol´s knowledge. I recommend the SNF Academy for every person who wants to achieve more in life. Thank you that I am allowed to be a member of your team!”


​Feedback 2016

Marco (41), Muri (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA

"My training at SNFA was a lot of fun for me. It was a precious experience that enriched my life. This education cannot be compared with any other school since it is structured completely differently from all others. The contents of the lessons are taught in such an authentic manner because you, Daniela and Birol don´t just tell but live the whole material with every single cell of your body. That makes each training day pass by so quickly that I was looking forward to each new training day at the Academy. In addition I was able to meet so many motivated and warm people in my class that learning was twice as much fun. Keep the good work up and thank you so much for the fantastic time! “

Feedback 2016

Nazim (26), Rapperswil (BE)

"Daniela has the ability, flexibility and competence to adjust to the class for our sake. She sometimes takes more time to explain things in more details but when she realizes that she goes off track she gets right back to the point of the topic. I think it is also important that she manages to take care of every single student in her class. That makes the special coach she is. I like it very much that she takes her time during breaks to talk about nutrition or sports or even private matters. I was allowed to learn a lot within those two months, for my job as well as my private life. She gives you advice which makes things easier in everyday life.


Her career is different, not according to beaten paths or according to a typical book. That is the point why she and her character are so special. She has an enormous knowledge at young age and she is willing to increase it even further and to share it with others. Thanks to her ambitious and discipline she stands where she is nowadays. I respect her deeply for that! She is a young, independent and an attractive woman who shows what and how things are possible in life. Daniela, I wish you lots of success for a grant future, keep the good work up!”

Feedback 2016

Ragip (25), Villmergen (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach

"I was in the lucky situation to have met Daniela and Birol during a seminar one year ago. At that time I had no clue what kind of job I wanted or what I wanted in my private life. At the end of the seminar I was so highly motivated that I decided to join the SNFA and their course for Nutrition Coach. The knowledge of Daniela was huge and no question remained unanswered. She structured every single lesson so well that everybody in her class understood every single topic. Apart from the training she has been a very warm person with whom one could talk about everything. I thank Daniela and Birol that I was allowed to participate in their courses. If someone asks me if I can recommend the SNF Academy and Daniela as a coach I can say YES, absolutely YES! Her way of teaching does not only contain dry theory but also motivation and fun. I will participate in further courses and recommend you any time. Thanks to you two I can really say I love going to school and I am on my way to self-employment and fulfilling my dreams.”

Feedback 2016

Björn (22), Visp (VS)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach and Certificated Personal Trainer

"By meeting Daniela my life changed completely. Her incredible expertise and her way of passing it on to her students are highly inspiring. I truly wished every teacher in this world would carry Daniela´s motivation. It did not matter how much someone in class already knew she always had further and better information. She showed us clearly that one can always learn more.

That is a point that often gets lost in nowadays education programs. In addition I can say that Daniela is a very warm and friendly person. She is honest and loves to help people. I can really recommend Daniela as a coach.”

Feedback 2016

Thierry (23), Heimberg (BE)

Mental coachnig course, marketing-, communication- & sales course


"I met Birol through a friend of mine. My friend spoke a lot about him so I registered myself for a seminar with Birol. Before joining the seminar I had a long phone conversation with him during which I learned what he expected from seminar participants. I also realized that he pays attention to every little detail.

The seminar was the beginning to my changes. I started to think differently and to divide myself from the mass of similar thinking people.

More seminars should follow and I realized that Birol put a spell on me and I started to feel better and better with each passing lecture.


 As soon as the offered Nutrition Coach program was issued I decided to join right away. It was unbelievable. Birol and his girlfriend Daniela complete each other perfectly and the training cannot be compared with any other school I know of. Further courses followed, such as mental coaching, marketing and personal trainer.  It was always awesome and I always looked forward to learning from Birol again. The training was so important for me that I used to travel 1, 5 hours each way to participate there. Birol always offered additional advice and helped me a lot to finally start my life as a self-employed business person.

I do have my own office for nutrition coaching and an own webpage now and train my own clientele. I found my own passion thanks to Birol and am able to live my dream and do something that actually helps people.


I can always count on Birol. Whenever I need advice he is there for me, never mind what time of the day it is. I am thankful that I had the chance to meet him and to spend so much precious time with him.

I am looking so much forward to my Leadership training and I know he will be unbelievable during that course.


Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"I met Daniela at Birol´s side during their seminar "Success System". After witnessing further seminars I decided for the education Certificated Nutrition Coach during which Daniela blossomed like a flower. We all felt how well she prepared each lesson, how deeply she had studied the topics and even more how well she understood them. She understood all connections right away and was able to explain those in a way that it was easily understandable. Every single training day she got better and better until she almost reached perfection.


I am thankful that Daniela and Birol always supported me. I was able to call them at any time even late in the evenings. I could count on them blindly. You always get good advice when you need it. Not only are Daniela and Birol mentors and role models but also good friends whom one can count on and trust. It feels good to be around them.


Thank you, Daniela. I want to thank you that I was allowed to meet you. Thank you for the awesome time together. I am looking forward to my future. I wish you all the very best and I am looking forward to learning more from you, to counting on you and to spend more funny great times together.”


Feedback 2016

Meiky (22), Olten (SO)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach


"By now I do know Daniela pretty well! She has an unbreakable spirit and holds out until she reaches goals. She is extremely disciplined and carries a lot of potential. Daniela is a great role model. Not only because of her caring and helpful ways but also due to her great character, experience and expertise which she loves to share with others. She teaches with pride and joy. When I think back I remember seeing Daniela for the very first time. It was like seeing the tip of an iceberg. You just witness her success and where she stands today. The biggest part of that person I got to know later on. Daniela has never lost her goals out of sight, fought for them and has never given up. A lot of bravery is necessary to achieve that. I am proud to say that I am happy to know Daniela.

During my training as Nutrition Coach I was able to profit from her expertise, a knowledge she shares with passion and joy. The training helped me a lot and was a source of a high level of positive energy. Thanks to Daniela and Birol I do now know what I want to achieve in life. I can recommend the Academy to everybody.

Thank you for your friendship, Daniela. I wish you joy, success and all the best for your future. Thank you for everything and it is so great that you are who you are!”

Feedback 2016

Antonietta (22), Oberurnen (GL)

Mental coaching course


"Birol Isik, I have to thank you for so many things! Thanks to you and your coaching I am braver and have much more self-confidence. Your Mental Coaching changed my life!


I can highly recommend the trainings and courses f Mister Birol Isik for people who want to get rid of their fears, build up self-confidence and achieve more energy in life."


Marketing-, Communication- & Sales course


"I was convinced that I knew a lot before SNFA since I have been working in sales for quite some time. But I never experienced anybody like Birol Isik. His way of teaching the course´s topics was unique. A lot of role model situations, practical advice and examples as well as sales psychology were part of the training. His more than 10 years of experience as businessman make his coaching such an authentic experience. We do sell ourselves every day in our jobs. The main question is: how well?

Learn how to sell yourself better in everyday life. You are at the best location to learn it if you join Birol Isik´s coaching."


Training Certificated Nutrition Coach & Certificated Personal Trainer

"I was lucky to get to know Daniela as my coach. She is a real role model. She has an answer to every question. Her knowledge and her enthusiasm for her job always motivated and inspired me. She is my personal role model and I know that she is capable to motivate, push and fill others with enthusiasm as well.


Daniela is an unbelievably intelligent, admirable, determined and likeable woman. She convinces with her expertise and enthusiasm in her job. I thank her for optimizing my own nutrition plan and for all the expertise she shared with me during my training as nutrition coach and personal manager.


I got to know her as caring person and always saw her with a smile on her lips which is almost infective. Whenever I had questions she explained the topics including practical advice. Therefore, I got closer and closer to my set job goal.


I recommend every person to participate in the courses of the academy. You have to experience that „WOW Effect “yourself. Many thanks Daniela for letting me profit from your knowhow and enthusiasm."

Feedback 2016

Beni (22), Lupfig (AG)

Training Certificated Nutrition Coach & Certificated Personal Trainer

"From day one on during our training for above mentioned certificates Daniela radiated such level of self-confidence that I realized right away Daniela knows the topic she teaches well. She offered a competent answer to each question so everybody understood every topic.

 This training cannot be compared with any other at the market. I am thankful that I was able to use the very little amount of spare time I have in such a productive way. "

Feedback 2016

Flurina (21), Horw (LU)

Training Certificated Personal Trainer

"In my opinion there are two kinds of beauties. One is only visible on the outside. The second are people like Daniela. She is worth so much more than just an outside beauty. She is such a caring, smart and goal oriented person, a true role model for me as well as many others. Her knowledge and her charisma are admirable. Not only does she follow her set goals with a 100% determination but also as much hard work. But she is not only a person full of positive character but she also built up a successful business.

To do so a lot of discipline, knowhow and hard work are necessary. That leads to sleepless nights, very little spare time or relaxation but she never gave up on it.

The training to achieve the degree of a personal trainer takes 8 weeks. This might sound short but I learned so much in that short duration of time. Not only about topics like fitness but also ways how I can overcome my fears, how to achieve set goals and how to make my dreams come true. Both, Daniela and Birol do have the abilities to teach their hard earned expertise in easy understandable ways.

To make the story short, people like Daniela are really rare. I am thankful I got to know her and that she shared her knowhow with me. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!”

Feedback 2016

Sarah Vogel-Kummer (LU)

"I was able to get to know Daniela personally and met her as a heart- warming and caring person. Her way of dealing with people is simply genius. I haven´t regretted a single minute or Cent spent in the Academy and their courses and now the taught know how pays back. One feels their passion, their competence and their expertise every single minute. I drove back home full of enthusiasm every single day when school was over“.

Feedback 2015