Process and development support private clients/startups


You do have a business idea and want to start your own company? Or maybe you even started your own business already but have a lack of experience, expertise or network? Then our Academy is the place for you to attend.

Possible topics for development process support


  • develop a business idea and strategy

  • Marketing & positioning

  • Google / SEO 

  • Design a website

  • Create segments of clients

  • Develop products and services

  • Create an optimal Web appearance

  • Make use of social media marketing

  • Training of communication skills (mimics, gestures, body language, appearance, selection of vocabulary, tone of voice, sentence structure etc.)

  • Sales training (arguments against your products, questions, final sales talk, manipulative technics etc.)

  • Build up your mental force

  • Build up self-confidence and be charismatic

  • Design a Logo and Intro

  • Use marketing possibilities of recommendations

  • Train the intelligence of chances in life

  • Administration (data base of clients, E-Mails, letters, calculate estimates, safe data, accounts, insurances etc.)

  • And many more

About the Mentor

Coaching by Birol Isik is based on his many years of experience as business man, mental coach, communication expert and coach of success. His coaching is not only training you well but is also practical, authentic, unique and individual.

In case of interest you can register by filling out our form obligation free and Mister Isik will get in touch with you after registration.




Title: support development process private clients & startups

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Because of the high demand Mister Isik makes use of his right not to contact all applicants back.

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The SNF Academy offers lectures, seminars and workshops for topics such as personality development, health, sales and motivation in the areas Aargau, Zug, Zurich, Glarus, Basel, Bern, Schwyz and Lucerne since 2012.

Our trainings and the courses are perfectly balanced which makes our concept one of a kind and so special at the market.

If specially inquired we also offer mental coaching for professional sports men and women, managers or private costumers in the counties of Aargau, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Glarus and Basel.

Coachings & Consultings also in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Panama, Portugal & USA


Mister Isik Birol also offers sales training, lectures and seminars to companies and their staff. Details are available under



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