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MY SUCCESS BOOK – A manual for success oriented personalities

The strongest weapon of a human being is the subconscious. We take about 95% our decisions unconscious. The question is in what way is your subconscious programmed. Unfortunately most people are programmed negatively and fearful. They don´t have much self-confidence and feel insecure. This negative programming of our subconscious actually blocks us from a dignified life.

Our Success Book will help you to re-program your subconscious with moments of success which you will get aware of by writing them down. There are many different exercises which will allow you to reach your goals with lots of motivation.


These exersises will strengthen your self-confidence and self- awareness which are basic stepping stones on the way to reach your individual goals.


The contents of this book are based on many years of experience and knowledge of Mister Birol Isik and Mrs. Daniela Lovric.

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Receive a lot for little cash – You will get a lot of motivation, inspiration, points of view to think about and practical advice for positive changes in your life. The contents that will be taught in these guides and in the “My Success book" are based on scientific knowledge as well as the 12 years successfully used wisdom of Mister Isik Birol. Mister Isik has been businessman, lecturer and coach since over 12 years. He, in co-work with Mrs. Lovric teaches top knowledge on topics such as success, communication, mental strength, health, motivation, development of personality, leadership and spirituality in his coaching, lectures and seminars.


Who should buy the guides and the "My SUCCESS book"?

personalities who……

Want to build up and strengthen their self-confidence

Want to overcome their fears

Want to become more self-secure in life

Want to achieve their set goals for sure

Want to live their life according to their own wish


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