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Mister Isik supports you and your employees to achieve the set goals of your company by using workshops, single coaching or training sessions on job. Not only will it increase your turnover but also your employee´s motivation. Your company will be more attractive as employer as well as service or products offering company.

Possible topics:


  • Change old structures and learn to handle those changes

  • Increase performance by increasing motivation

  • Achieve higher turnover with our sales training

  • Analyze of market as well as position/location

  • Which goals should be set and how can you reach them

  • Leading employees and lead your self

  • Conflict management

  • Change management

  • Training of communication skills

  • Support creativity

  • Analyze of actual processes and increase efficiency

  • How can a decision be made

  • Support to help yourself in case of personal private problems

Why is it worth to work with Mister Isik:


  • Over 15 years sales experience as self-employed business person

  • Without any given clientele he built up over 800 regular customers within 8 years

  • Held countless Seminars with topics such as personality development, health, sales, lifestyle

  • Has built up a Facebook Followers community of over 37'000 people since November 2013

  • Author of two books within the development process time

  • Has trained over 8'000 people so far since being a self-employed business man

  • He trains nutrition- and fitness coaches along with Mrs. Daniela Lovric in his own coaching center (in Switzerland) since May 2015.

  • Mister Isik teaches knowledge of mental strength, communication, sales, marketing and behavioral research in his Academy. He uses group coaching for self-employed clients, managing directors, sales representatives and other personalities.

  • He is an expert when it comes to mental strength. He has never been sick since he has started his own business in July 2012.

  • He inspires people with motivating video clips, pictures and seminars in many online channels every year since 2012. He inspires Millions of people online and holds seminars and lectures regularly. His audience is a balanced mixture of young and elder generations.

Target audience:


Self-employed business people, managers, sales consultants, trainers, instructors, consultants, sales representatives of all kinds, managing directors, sales managers, business owners


Duration: multiple days, weeks or months


Location: in your company or where ever we agree on


Your investment:  depending on your demand


Do you have specific wishes or demands? Write to us about it. We are sure to have the matching solution for your request.

E-Mail: info@snfa.ch