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Vortrag Abnehmen und Muskelaufbau
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Crash course fitness

  • You want to lose or gain weight or feel fitter and experience more vitality?

  • Your training results stagnate or you are not complete satisfied with the results and want to design an optimal training for yourself?

  • You want to train even more efficient and more effective?

  • You want to have a competent partner who has gathered experiences in years and knows exactly what he/she talks about?

  • You are overwhelmed with all the information about this topic at the market and want to have clear answers?

…then this is the course for you to be at.

There are more and more fitness centers, fitness coaches, trainers and fitness fans but less and less really know exactly how an effective and efficient training plan should really look like. Success in weight lifting sports depends on many factors: Where does the fitness level stand, which exercises are selected, how many sets are done, how many repeats of an exercise does a set contain, breaks between sets, what combination of exercises is selected, how intense and big is a session, are the exercises done correctly, in which order are the exercises done, what nourishments and supplements are taken, genetic, physical and mental state, recovering times and many more.

So considering all that it is not difficult to see how difficult it is for an amateur to understand all this. The fact that many trainers don´t do their job with passion and with lacking expertise doesn´t help much either.

This is the reason why we finally decided not only to train personal trainers but to also offer this crash course. We address people who want to live life on a healthier level. We celebrate the art of teaching you the complex connections in such simple ways so you will be able to use them right from day one of learning them.


  • Build up muscle tissue

  • Reducing body fat

  • Should I go for a full body training or rather a partial spilt training?

  • What do I have to pay specific attention to when designing a training plan?

  • Which exercises should definitely be part of my training plan?

  • How do I have to do my exercises to avoid damages and injuries?

  • Which supplements really make sense and which are unnecessary to take?

Key data

Title of course: „Crash course fitness“

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri >> Route-planning

Date: Friday September 22nd, 2017

Duration: 2.5 hours

Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Your investment: CHF 149.- instead of CHF 299.- (discount only limited time)

Important: Participants need to pre-order ticket and have a reconfirmation by email