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Crash course nutrition

  • You want to either loose or gain weight, or feel more energized and fit with more vitality?

  • You want to make it through the day healthier and with more energy?

  • You do not want to hand over the responsibility for your health any longer but manage it yourself?

  • You need competent supporters who know what they are talking about and have many years of experience?

  • You are overwhelmed with all the information at the market about this topic and want to have clear answers?

…then this is the perfect place for you to be.

Way too much information, too many different programs and everybody tells a different story. It is easy to loose overview of what is really healthy and what would lead to long term success and what not. Nowadays everybody can share own experiences and knowledge via internet. On one hand this is a great advantage but on the other side this can lead to confusion and on feels insecure. Sometimes you will receive information of certain people who know only about a specific part of the whole topic but who have no clue about the whole connections. The human body is a very complex system with biochemical processes that are all connected to each other. You have to understand the whole complete system to achieve your physical goals. The expert must be capable to understand that system and to make you understand it as well without overtaxing you.

This is exactly what this course is about. You will receive a manual for your own body which will enable you to change your working habits without have

 to stick to a strict plan or to sacrifice tasty meals. Eating has to be fun and enjoyable. All you need to know is in which combination and portions and at what time and which preparation form you are allowed to eat.

This unique course will change your life and that of your beloved ones in a very positive way.


  • Basic nutrition for more vitality and well being

  • Getting rid of body fat – how can you reduce body fat and define your body more

  • Nutrition during sport / building up muscle tissue, which nourishment you need and which supplements really make sense?

  • Why do you need carbohydrates? Proteins, fat, water, vitamins, minerals and fibers?

  • How can you achieve the weight of your dreams and hold it on long term without Jo Jo effect?


Key data

Title of course: Crash course nutrition

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri >> Route-planning

Date: Friday August 25th 2017

Duration: 2.5 hours

Time: 2:00pm – 4.30pm

Your investment: CHF 149.- instead of CHF 299.- (discount for very limited time)

Important: Participating only possible when ticket was pre- ordered and reconfirmed by email.