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Ausbildung Fitnesscoach Schweiz
Ausbildung Fitnesscoach Schweiz
Ausbildung Fitnesscoach Schweiz
Ausbildung Fitnesscoach Schweiz
Ausbildung Fitnesscoach Schweiz
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Crash course webdesign

You want to design your own webpage according to your ideas and needs but you don´t have any clue about programming? To hire a professional would lead to certain disadvantages. On one hand this can be pretty expensive on the other hand you will be depending on another person or company. If you start your own business, whether fulltime or part-time, you generally need the money for other things such as marketing, getting more qualification, material to work with and so on. In addition a self-employed person will always adjust products and services to the developing market hence a webpage has to be up to date all the time. If those changes are depending on an IT specialist you will lose time and money to update your webpage regularly. That person will also never know what changes you have exactly in mind. Plus it will always cost you cash, every single time.

But if you learn how to program your webpage all by yourself you can adjust it any time you wish to do so and according to exactly your ideas. You do not need to be an IT specialist to do so or have outstanding PC wisdom neither would you have to buy expensive tools. Nowadays there are easily understandable, easy usable tools that will not cost a fortune.  The design and creating of a webpage, as well as changing it, is so easy nowadays it can be learned within two afternoons.

Your advantages

  • You will learn how to design, publish and manage a website within 2 afternoons

  • You can choose a Template from numerous examples and adjust that according to your needs

  • You achieve a professional appearance without too much expenditure or expenses

  • This course is efficient and not costly

  • The created website is adjustable any time and specifically designed according to your wishes

  • You do not depend on an IT specialist or web designer

  • The website is optimized for search platforms such as Google e.g. (SEO)

  • You will receive practical and actual information from long term successful business people and sales professionals.



  • Conception, conversion and usage of Websites, blogs and web applications

  • Maintenance of the webpage

  • Measurements in search platforms (SEO, SEA)

  • Webpage structures

  • Concept of navigation

  • Inserting of texts, pictures (including Photoshop) and videos

  • Optimize internal structure of links of your webpage

  • Integration of Route planning, forms, Twitter-and Facebook-links, E-Mail

  • Creating a mobile version for Smartphones


Qualifications to attend this course

  • own Laptop

  • Functioning E-Mail-Account


Why should I book this course with SNF Academy?

  • We are motivated, authentic, committed, uncomplicated, and dynamical

  • We created all our websites on our own

  • We built up a Facebook community of over 40'000 Fans

  • We can always be found on Google at first page or second when searching related topics to those that we teach

  • We offer additional knowledge in areas such as marketing, sales and design


If I am interested participating what do I have to do?

Get yourself registered by using the form below.


After checking your application we will contact you back by phone or via email within the next 72 hours.

Key data

Title course: Crash course Webdesign

Number of participants: max. 10 People

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri/AG, Switzerland >> Route-planning

Date: Friday June 16th 2017 and Friday June 23rd 2017

Duration: 2 afternoons of around 5 hours

Time: 12:00pm - 5:00 pm

Your investment: CHF 599.- instead of CHF 999.- (discount only for a limited time)

Lecturers: Daniela Lovric & Birol Isik

Important: You can only participate when you order your ticket online and have it reconfirmed by us by email

Often asked questions

​Do I have to have pre knowledge/qualifications for the website training?

​You need to know how to use a laptop (Using of Internet Explorer, email account, how to write and safe texts, how to safe pictures etc.

​Can I use the information of this course even for other webpage designing tools?

No, as no tool is built up with the same structure. Contains of programs are different, too. But if you know how a tool works then it becomes easier to understand similar tools as well. The question if you want to use other tools at all remains since you will have a functioning Website already.

​Are the contents of the course already set or do I get the chance to add own wishes and ideas?

​As the course is short and pretty intense we will teach the basic know-how. But in case of special wishes we will of course offer private single coaching during which we will work on your own special ideas and needs.