Course "Become a successful lecturer"

​There are different ways how you can position yourself and your business at nowadays market. Getting in touch with potential costumers totally unknown, Telephone marketing, Online marketing, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of business people to not make use of the advantages offered by lectures.

Advantages of holding lectures

​The most significant advantage is that you are able to reach many potential costumers at the same time in one lecture. It gives you the chance to explain your products and services to many at once. Not only does that increase the sales of your products but also increases the awareness of people about your business. When you not only satisfy but also fill your audience with enthusiasm and fascination it will transform them not only into faithful clients but they will also recommend you to others. It is a fact that people who have seen an excellent lecture generally talk to others about it. That makes it much easier to gain new customers.

​Another advantage is that you will appear more trustworthy and professional if potential clients see the pictures of lectures and seminars on your Webpage.

​Contents of the course

​When planning a lecture not only topics are important. A strategy how to build it up, which words and sound of your voice you use, setting breaks of speech cleverly, mimics and gestures, body postures and the art how to adjust to your audience matter a lot. Hence you need skills in communication, psychology, NLP, marketing and sales. Exactly these skills will be trained by Mister Isik Birol in his course “hold lectures successfully”. He himself has been using these tools successfully since over 12 years as business man and specialized himself in above mentioned topics. As mental trainer, well-known coach and sales trainer Mister Isik Birol offers huge knowledge as well as expertise which he shares with participants during seminars, lectures, trainings and academy courses.

The set goal in this course is to finally position your business concept, your offered products and services at the market and conquer the hearts of your costumers. Make use of the advantages of this efficient concept to gain more future clients.


​Who is the ideal candidate for this training?

  • Managing Directors

  • Sales Representative

  • Sales Managers

  • Fitness Coaches

  • Personal Trainers

  • Sales Consultants

  • Nutrition Coaches

  • Beauticians

  • Hair Dressers/Hair Stylists

  • Every person with an own business


Qualifications that participants have to have

​We care a lot to keep our quality standard high. Therefor we can only accept participants who have been approved by Mister B. Isik for this course or any other training at SNF Academy.

Getting in touch

After checking your inquiry you will be contacted within the next 72 hours either by phone call or email under the condition that you have qualified for a personal feedback. If not, the SNF Academy sticks to the right not to contact you back since we have a lot of inquiries in general.

Key data

Title of course: „Become a succesfull lecturer"

Date: t.b.d

Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm

Number of participants: max. 8 people

Location: Zürich | Switzerland

Your investment: CHF 1'500.- instead of CHF 2'500.- (discount for a short limited time)

Attention: Because of a generally high number of interested participants we won´t contact all applicants

Details & Registration: E-Mail

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