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Nutrition coaching in the counties Aargau, Zug, Zurich, Basel, and Lucerne – Your success is guaranteed in our Academy

You want to lose or gain weight or build up muscles? You want to have a slim, firm, vital, healthy and beautifully formed body? Then our Academy is the place to be.


In our Academy you won´t receive a general shallow nutrition plan like everywhere else. With us you will receive a body manual so you will know exactly what and how much in which combination during which times and with what breaks you should eat.

To lose or gain weight or to build up muscle tissue should be fun and not frustrating.

Within 90 minutes we will analyses your training and eating habits situation and conditions and will design an individual solution for you according to your goals and expectations. After the nutrition coaching we will send you your personal analyze including a nutrition plan. You will get to know how many your personal calories usage is and how many calories would be ideal for you. You will learn what you should eat and how you should adjust your macro nutrition to achieve your personal goals. With this concept you will definitely turn your back onto the feared JoJo effect.


Possible topics during nutrition coaching

  • How can I reduce fat?

  • How can I build up muscles?

  • How can I eat healthier?

  • Which vitamins do I need?

  • How does my body function?

  • How do I handle stress?

  • And many more

After the coaching you will receive the following documents:

  • A list with 50 natural fat burners

  • A suggestion how to improve your eating habits including  No Go's & Must's as PDF (with pictures)

  • Suggested  Supplements

  • A shopping list with healthy foods

What positive effects will you gain?

  • Your self-worth will increase

  • A knew conscious will develop

  • Building up and strengthening your self-confidence

  • Avoid depression, overweight, heart and circulation problems as well as digesting system trouble

  • Your immune system will get stronger

  • Products such as Whey, cereal, Protein bars and other products can be ordered directly in the Academy


You are interested to get coached about nutrition? Contact us obligation free about an individual coaching via below attached form.

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After checking your inquiry you will receive a phone call within 72 hours. We will talk about your wishes and goals and set up an appointment under the condition that both parties agree to work together.

Key data

Duration of Coaching: max. 90 Minutes

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri/AG, Switzerland >> Route planning

Your investment: CHF 250.-

Important: Because of high demand we do keep the right to decide not to contact all applicants.

Why choosing nutrition coaching with us

We are authentic, motivated, dynamical and do have an excellent knowledge about science of nutrition and sports. Our over 12 years of experience as body builders and fitness experts as well as being the owners and lecturers of Swiss Nutrition & Fitness AG we can guarantee not only knowledge but also lots of experience and understanding about processes in the human body. We do not only train nutrition coaches and personal trainers but offer you access to the precious knowhow which will change your life positively for good.


We are looking forward to your obligation free contacting.

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