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Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy

Make your dream come true right away with our unique concept. We the SNF Team offer the following education and courses since May 2nd 2015:



Our Vision


We want to inspire and motivate as many people as possible. We want to support them on the way to a better and fulfilled life in which they can live their wishes and dreams. We help them to believe in their own potential and develop it to achieve that kind of life.

Our Values


Our values are honesty, trust, and respect but most of all there is one specific value we want to present to our participants in the Academy: growth! We should never stop to grow or to get better, not only when it comes to fitness but in everyday life. We want to be better each day compared to the day before. That is our sense of life. Neither money nor another human being can make us so happy like we can ourselves. The most wonderful feeling in the world is to really want to be you. That is why you should be the best version of yourself. To achieve that you have to grow in every way every day.


Training and courses


We are not convinced of the quality of trainings for nutrition, sport, sales, communication, mental strength etc. offered at the market. We realized that government accepted counselors are not up to our standard hence we denied to add our academy to the government education system. The certificates that you achieve in our Academy are not accepted by the Swiss government due to that decision.


We focus our education on teaching practical knowledge as close to job situations as possible. We add sales strategies and of course communicative skills to that as well.

This provides the possibility for future nutrition coaches and personal trainers to position themselves self-employed at the market in co-work with us. This way they can work goal oriented and do individual counseling for clients to lead them to their set goals.


We also offer our coaches to join the team and profit from all our social media channels. Not only does it give coaches the chance to select their own income but also to join all the connections and profit from SNF Academy partners.


Your advantages when getting trained by us:


Due to our marketing concept and our well-known reputation and social media followers you will get the chance to use everything you learn in the shortest amount of time. To make sure you do not only receive all the necessary job knowhow but also learn how to use it efficiently at the market we offer group coaching about the topics mental strength and sales.

The courses are motivating, inspiring and easy to understand. They contain a lot of practical oriented strategies and advice.

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