Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer
Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer
Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer
Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer
Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer
Ausbildung zum Dipl. Personaltrainer

Personal training - motivating, inspiring, individual

You dream about that perfect beach body? Or you simply want to feel fitter and more energized? Together we will lead you to that achievement.


A firm, healthy and beautifully formed body is not only achieved with nutrition but with muscle tissue in specific. Muscle tissue forms your body. Design your body according to your wishes. Training is not always training. To work out efficiently you have to combine the following factors in a smart way: which exercises, how many sets of repeating, how many times you should repeat the exercise within a set, weights, intensity, and lots more. After 12 years of experience in weight lifting sports as well as our training courses for personal trainers we are not only authentic. We are professionals regarding these topics and can teach you whatever you need to know about training and how to achieve your dream body.


Contact us obligation free for individual coaching so that you can feel better, fitter and more attractive in your own body.


What do I have to do if I am interested?


Get in touch with SNF Academy via the below attached contact form.


Contact us


After checking your inquiry you will receive a phone call within 72 hours. We will talk about your wishes and goals and set up an appointment under the condition that both parties agree to work together.


Key data

Duration of Coaching: 90 Minutes

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri/AG, Switzerland >> Route planning

Your investment: CHF 250.-

Important: because of the high demand we do keep the right not to contact back every applicant.

About us:

We are authentic, motivated, dynamical and do have an excellent knowledge about science of nutrition and sports.

Our over 12 years of experience as bodybuilders and fitness experts as well as being the owners and lecturers of Swiss Nutrition & Fitness AG we can guarantee not only knowledge but also lots of experience and understanding about processes which take place in our human body. We do not only train nutrition coaches and personal trainers but offer you access to the precious knowhow which will change your life positively for good. We are looking forward to your obligation free contacting.

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