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Digital Revolution

Due to the digital revolution and automation a lot of jobs will disappear. This is not utopia but a fact you can witness already in companies such as Coop, Migros and even at the airport to name but a few. Due to technical development employees are replaced by robots, machines and software. There are even cars that drive self-controlled which means there is a chance sooner or later taxi drivers and bus drivers are not of use anymore.

Martin Ford, US-Author, Technic expert and experienced Silicon Valley specialist says “Almost every job in which people sit in front of a screen to work through information is in danger.”

A study about unemployment for the next few years was presented at WEF (World economy forum) in Davos. The study forecasts that about 5 million jobs will be cancelled in industrial countries during the next few years.

Natural common reaction of people to topic job lay off


Due to desperation and fear not to be able to hold up to the used life standard many people take up additional jobs. Others hope to get a safe job by gathering as many certificates and extra qualifications. Due to the continuously state of fear people get sick and fight those sicknesses with medications of the pharma industry. The results are self-damaging behavior, jealousy, envy, hate and other negative vibrations in our society. Successful people who follow their heart and choose uncommon paths often face wrong judgement by a negatively programmed society. They are called leaders of sects even by unsuccessful people and others who are simply happy in life get judged as lunatics.

As usual the damage is trying to be repaired but the cause of it is not being analyzed to come up with solution to change the situation.

To work more simply means a reduction of life quality. It results into less time for recovering, relationships, your children, your health and your own needs. All these areas will suffer from this development. In that case it is not about living anymore but merely only about surviving.

How can we handle these changes?

Surely we cannot stop technical development but only try to influence it with your personality. A secure job and secure income can only be achieved by who is willing to work at the base of his/hers own personality. You have to find innovative solutions with your own creativity and set free those creative abilities. The future belongs to those who are smart, creative and dynamical.


A human being is a unique creature. All of us have outstanding strength, abilities and talents which a robot will never replace.  Because of that fact we need to get rid of the common trainings and coaching which limit our own personality and treat everybody just the same way.

Today´s education system does not really teach the real important things in life e.g. how a human being could live up to his own outstanding and unique personality. These people who want to live a happy and beautiful life on the long run should really think about how their education and training they have really makes sense and helps with that plan. The wisdom that gets taught nowadays limits us and turns us into depending people. Therefore, lots of people have already separated from normal beaten path education and additional trainings and walk new roads now.

Those new ways start to develop when you communicate with your own spirit. You start to understand where you stand and what you want. Bravery, faith and loving yourself have helped a lot of people already to become independent of this old system.

Mental Coaching Zürich

The intelligent and successful person invests his talents and abilities which cannot be replaced by robots. Our 14 weeks transformation program is about changes on mental level. Nothing is more significant than the human spirit. Our spirit is the tool to make things visible. A lot of people try to change their outside appearance in order to achieve something. Successful people rather change and develop their spirit and hence change their personality.


Let´s have a word about the topic personality:

Personality has a lot to do with understanding who you are. You have to accept yourself, love and respect yourself. When you are able to do that you will automatically use your creative force.  That will give you freedom and transform you into an indepentant person.

A successful person...


  • Knows a lot

  • Learns regularly

  • Is healthy

  • Enjoys life to the fullest

  • Is well balanced

  • Can communicate without using aggressive force

  • Can promote him/her-self

  • Is attractive

  • Has an own opinion

  • Designs an own kind of life

We are convinced that above mentioned points can be achieved by everybody. But you will need a different kind of consciousness unlike the one which has been taught by the general education systems. Our 14 weeks transformation program is about learning who you are, it is about understanding what your abilities, strength and talents are and to achieve a newly born happiness. This mental happiness is able to heal every sickness and allows us to enjoy life to the fullest.

The coaching concept in our 14 weeks transforming program is based on practical experience, which is used by Mister Isik Birol himself as business man, communication expert and speaker since 2005. To make sure that the mental transformation really happens we have packed all necessary knowledge of two intensive courses into different modules. The courses and trainings are perfectly tuned to create the base for long term success.

Erfolg im Leben

To adjust to the technical progress we have to have skills in the following fields:


1. Communication

Most people underestimate the importance of communication: Communication is the bridge between two countries. It connects continents and countries and in this case human beings. A lot of problems develop because we sometimes don´t know how to express our feelings. That is the reason why communication training is an important section of this coaching.

Topics of communication training:

  • Build up inter human relationships and strengthen them

  • Have successful conversations

  • Read faces

  • Body language

  • Selection of vocabulary

  • Etc.

2. Self-marketing

Self-marketing has a lot to do with the brand „I“which stands for your personality. The deeper and the more interesting your personality the more appealing you are for others. In this training we will teach you how to strengthen your own brand “I” by using mental exercises and different points of views.


  • Share your view of life and ideas with others

  • How can I become a magnet for success?

  • Which social media channels should I use to promote my products?

  • How can I promote myself via my own Website?

  • Etc.

3. Sales

To survive technical progress and digital revolution we don´t only have to invent innovative products but we also have to have the skills to sell them to potential clients. Mister Isik Birol is business man since over 12 years and works right at the front line. His expertise and experience which he has used successfully since years will be transferred to you in his coaching. You will achieve the following skills:

  • Don´t run after the costumer, rather conquer his heart

  • How to have successful sales conversations

  • How do I ask the right questions in sales

  • Finalizing conversations

  • Handling Objections

  • Etc.


​4. Mental strength

According to us over 95% of people should attend a mental coaching. Only mentally strong people can handle difficult situations and remain calm. If you do not want to get disappointed in our digital century you have to be self-confident and mentally strong. This is the reason why Mister Isik Birol offers an intensive mental coaching course.

Topics mental coaching:

  • Get fears under control and get rid of them/practical advise

  • How do I handle problems in difficult situations

  • How can I make success happen?

  • How can I build up self-confidence?

  • How do I appear more self-confident?

  • Achieve success with help of loving yourself

  • Heal sickness with mental thoughts an exercises


5. Training Leadership

This training is an addition and absorption to the above attended courses. In this course you will learn how to connect yourself with your spirit. This will help you to get access to so called collective subconscious. Therefor you will be able to understand the needs of the people around you and to design systems which will help them in life. We are convinced that our happiness is based on giving.

The more you help others the more love, happiness and satisfaction you will receive from the universe. Mister Isik Birol will also show you how you can protect yourself from weather manipulations, HAARP, Chemtrails and other factors that lower or influence your vitality and energy.

Contains of this training:

  • How does our brain work?

  • How can I increase my life energy?

  • How can I set up functioning systems and earn money with them?

  • How can I switch my life into a piece of art in this technical world?

  • How can I become an independent person?

  • How does the Universe work?

  • How can I pass my message with pictures, video clips, dances, poems or others to my fellow humans?

  • How can I protect myself from planned manipulation such as HAARP/Chemtrails/separation and so on?

  • Tools & Software in everyday life, the gadgets you should know​

  • How does Google, Facebook, XING, Twitter and Instagram work?

  • Psychology of colors - what does color tell us?


  • Which insurances do I really need?

  • How can I increase my hourly payment from CHF 20.- - to over CHF 250.-?

  • How can I achieve wealth?

How to convince people of yourself:

  • Learn how to represent yourself in a lecture

  • Appear self-confident and full of charisma, conquer peoples´ heart

  • Design systems that serve people

  • And many more

Because of Mister Isik Birol´s training you can catch up with progress of technology. Make sure you get your access to that precious training. Only another 10 participants can be accepted.

Erfolg im Leben

General listed price: CHF 11'398.-

Our special offer for you: CHF 9'999.- (special offer only for a short time)  (payable also in max. 5 installments)

You safe: CHF 1'400.-

All this above courses can be booked individually.



► Motivation- & mental coaching course

► Marketing-, communication- & sales course

► Leadership training "lead myself"

Get in touch with us in case of interest. Important: after approving the application and under the condition that you qualify for a personal conversation we will contact you back within 72 hours by phone. If not the Academy makes use of our right not to consider the application.

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