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Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Ängste besiegen - Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Ängste besiegen - Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Selbstvertrauen aufbauen
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Leadership Ausbildung - Lead Myself
Leadership Ausbildung - Lead Myself
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Ängste loswerden - Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.
Birol Isik Mastercoachings Int.

Transform your life into a piece of art

What did famous artists such as Michael Jackson, da Vinci, Picasso and many more have in common?


All started with a picture.


All these people succeeded to pass their message to the world in a painting, a song, a dance or in other ways. It was always a message which changed lives and inspired people and made them simply happy. Everybody of us has a message the world should get to know.


The message of Mister Isik

This world needs every single person among us. We are on this planet for a specific reason. We are here to share experiences with others and to feel fortune, happiness and joy.


Our mind as well as other peoples` opinion is too much of a factor here. That makes life difficult for us. To become a happy person full of joy we have to learn to feel like children again. We have to learn to let our hearts lead us.


A picture of life is a good navigator through life

There is no talk about you having to paint a picture of your life. It is more about having a picture of whom you are and where you want to go. That gives you orientation, strength and support in life.

Mister Isik Birol has concentrated his whole life on this picture and he adds details to it regularly.


What is your message?

​Try to figure an empty sheet of paper that represents your own life. What do you want to be written or painted on that paper? What should not be on that paper, what don´t you want in that picture? Who are the people who support you and let you paint your picture the way you want? To transfer this onto your own life: who lets you live the way you want? Who allows you to be the way you want to be?

To answer these questions and to make the necessary changes to become happier and more satisfied you have to first know who you are and what exactly you want for yourself?

To get answers for that we have to get to know ourselves first. That will help us to become the artist who has the chance to re-design his painting of life newly every single day.

This will work only if you are capable to lead yourself. Self-leading means to feel more and to feel within yourself. Only people who have connected to their inner soul are able to find out what their message to the world is.

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Leadership Ausbildung Birol Isik
Ausbildungen Schweiz
Ausbildungen Schweiz
Leadership Ausbildung Birol Isik
Birol Isik
Birol Isik Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik
Leadership Ausbildung Birol Isik
Leadership Ausbildung Birol Isik
Birol Isik Coachings
Birol Isik Coaching Schweiz
Birol Isik Coaching Schweiz
Ausbildungen Schweiz
Ausbildungen Schweiz

Do you want to become the artist of your life?

During our Leadership-training "Lead Myself" you will learn how to activate the connection to your own soul and spirit. You will learn how to become the artist who designs his/her own life.


Mister Isik Birol will show you step by step in 4 different modules how you can easily find yourself and lead yourself. Self-knowledge is the first goal on the road to changes.


Make your dreams come true

You can achieve what a lot of personalities achieved: You can make your dreams come true. Take off in April 2017 with Mister Isik Birol. The leadership training "Lead Myself" is short and intensive. You will be a different person in 9 weeks.


You won´t need any business concepts, certificates or titles to become a happy person. All you need is within yourself. Together with Mister Isik Birol you will be able to use your talents, abilities and strength in your own life as well in the lives of other people.

During this course you will receive practical advices which you can use right from the start even during the course already.

Under which conditions would it make sense to go for this program?


  • You have an idea and want to turn it into reality?

  • You have troubles to motivate yourself?

  • You have fears and sorrows and want to get rid of them?

  • You want to build up self-confidence and strengthen it and enjoy life to the fullest?

  • You are fed up about your employer not appreciating you and your work?

  • You want to spend more time with family, friends and in-laws?

  • You want to achieve more in life?

  • You want to work when, where and how much you wish?

  • You want to earn more like the basic average?

  • You want to march through life more self-confident?

  • You want to reach your set goals?


Then this is the perfect course for you!

Overview modules

Module 1


Motivation coaching/mental training/development of personality


  • Increase awareness

  • Overcome fears and get rid of them-how can I beat my fears?

  • Build up self-confidence and strengthen it

  • How does the Universe work?

  • Change the level of awareness by changing the perspective of life with help of successfully used advices.

  • Set up goals and achieve them – how can I achieve them?

  • Psychology of success – how can I manipulate my success?

  • How does our brain work? Why do we think the way we do?

  • Motivation and self-motivation – how can I motivate myself as well as others on long term?

  • Become a charismatic personality

  • Become a more attractive personality

  • Law of attraction – How can I fulfil my own dreams and wishes?

  • Control of thoughts – create necessary conditions via mental training

  • Heal yourself by controlling your thoughts

  • Solve problems in everyday life

  • Mental strength/mental fitness development

  • How can I handle and overcome stress in everyday life?

  • Human being and the Universe -  the reason why we can achieve whatever we want

  • Understand the meaning of Chakras and increase your life energy with them

  • Increase life energy by using healthy nutrition

  • Be more successful in life with help of creativity

Duration: max. 13.5 hours


Module 2


The art to convince people: communication – design your life actively and successful


What would we gain with all the knowledge and best ideas if we are not capable to communicate position or sell them to the world around us? A good idea or the wish to do something is not enough to conquer hearts. Something that most people lack is the most important talent: to convince people.

That is the reason why the following topics get trained intensively:


  • Convince people of yourself

  • Communicate successfully in everyday life

  • Communication technics

  • How to dress decently. Your appearance leaves an important first impression

  • Fill people with enthusiasm and appear self- confident

  • How can you negotiate safely ( important conversations, conversation in daily life, interviews, sales talks)

  • How can you become the leader of the conversation

  • Body language- what does body language tells people about you and what can you read out of it in other peoples´ body language?

  • How can you build up relationships, strengthen and maintain them

  • Learn to see problems as chances

  • Built up and lead conversations with structure

  • Management of conflicts – how can I avoid fights?

  • How can I promote my services via Google, Facebook & YouTube?

  • Self-marketing – Learn how to promote yourself, your ideology and view of life optimally

  • Conquer the hearts of your clients with use of exciting lectures

  • Include your audience, transform them into “go getters”

  • Convince people, inspire them and fill them with enthusiasm

  • Be self-confident and charismatic

  • Technics of speech

Duration: max 18.5 hours


Module 3


Financial facts in life – strengthen the awareness about money


This topic is very important in our life. A lot of human beings have financial problems.
To strengthen the awareness of financial topics and money we will train the topic of finances one full afternoon. We will talk about the following points and train you:


  • Which insurances are unnecessary?

  • Which insurances do I really need?

  • How can I safe taxes?

  • Which insurances are important in case I want to start my own business?

  • Etc.


One topic in this module is to think and act “rich”. Additionally, Mister Isik Birol will show you the connection between the subconscious and human brain.

Duration: max 4 hours


Module 4


Transformation from industrial to digital century


A world without mobile phone, PC, IPad and other electronic gadgets is not imaginable. That is the reason why we reserve a whole afternoon for this topic. 

  • Photoshop tools

  • Rules for sales texts on your website – how can you fill people with enthusiasm on your website?

  • Ideas for marketing without money.

  • Create systems which work perfectly for you.

  • How does Google, Facebook, XING, Instagram and Twitter work?

  • Create a Homepage – what do I have to consider?

  • Office Tools (alternatives)

  • How can I be recognizable with my own logo?


Duration:  max 8 hours

​Necessary qualifications to participate:


  • Interested to achieve something in life

  • Participants are from Switzerland/Germany/Austria

  • Willing to change old patterns in life

  • German language fluent in Word and writing

  • Good PC knowledge

  • Integration & networking

  • Age: 25 - 65 years

  • All Modules have to be attended

Qualifications needed for this course

  • Interested to achieve something

  • Participants from Switzerland/Germany/Austria

  • Accept changes

  • Fluent in German language (speaking and writing)

  • Age 25 - 65 years

Key data


Title course: Leadership training "Lead Myself" – the art to lead yourself



Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Number of participants: max. 10

Your investment: only CHF 6'600.- instead of CHF 8'300.- (discount only for a short time)

Interested? Send us an e-mail to: info (at)