Successful selling - tips for sales persons and entrepreneurs

What makes you a successful salesperson?

1. Successful sales personalities find out the needs of their customers because they pay attention. They are able to empathize and understand the needs of the costumers and are able to identify with them. Successful sales people are able to provide solutions.

2. A successful sales personality has a proper appearance which means:

  • Clean clothes

  • Brushed teeth

  • Well-manicured fingernails

  • No unpleasant body odor

The quality of the sales conversation does not so much depend on the contents of the conversation but even more on the appearance (clothes etc.) and the body language.

3. Successful sales personalities take care of their health and nutrition. They are aware that food is not always food but so much more. Decent meals stand for energy. Hence they know that quality food might cost a bit more. They have no problem to prepare healthy food themselves the evening before a hard working day to make sure they have a decent meal the following day.

4. Successful sales people work out regularly. 30 to 45 minutes already guarantee you a clear head and more creativity.

5. Successful sales personalities cover the fears and insecurity of their clients with their powerful positive life energy. When that happens nothing will stop you from a successful sales conversation.

6. A successful sales person is well organized. He does not take chances because he is always aware of his set goals and he prepares himself daily according to those.

7. Successful sales people are really honestly interested in the needs of their customers. That means: During the sales conversation you have to find out if the products or services offered would really help and serve the client. If not the sales person has to communicate this honestly. The client will be thankful for that honesty.

Because of this the following will most certainly happen:


By being honest the sales person has of course not achieved sales for that particular day but he will have more turn over the next few days due to the reason that the client possibly spreads the word about the honesty and professional skills of the sales assistant.


8. The successful sales personality has a huge and well maintained network. The sales person is the first person to contact for the costumer. Remember that the more information and service the costumer receives from you the less chances are that he would ever select another sales person. Your interest should be to satisfy as many needs as possible from your costumer even if that has to include products or solution from others along with your own. This will build up a base of trust for a prosperous co work between you and your costumer.

9. A successful sales person avoids arguments with his costumer. A lot of sales people or consultants actually have arguments instead of solution conversations.

10. A successful sales person is aware of the slightest changes in behavior during the sales conversation. This allows him/her to ask specific questions and lead the talk to a successful finalizing.

11. Successful sales personalities don´t show off their knowledge but explain the products and services in a simple manner.

12. Successful sales personalities allow breaks of speech to give the costumer the opportunity to use his phantasy allow him to picture how he would use the products.

13. A successful sales person can separate objections, excuses and signals for willingness to buy.

14. A successful sales person recognizes the body language of his costumer and therefor asks the questions of importance which will influence the sales conversation positively.


15. A successful sales personality has skills in different technics of asking questions which will lead to the following advantages:

  • The sales Person might be already informed about the costumer bevor the sales talk even starts.

  • The sales Person receives important and decisive information about his client and his needs

  • The sales person leads the conversation into his direction

  • The sales personality leads the entire conversation

  • The sales person shows his client that he is really interested in finding a solution for the client´s need.

  • The sales personality is capable to gain time during weird awkward moments

  • A sales personality inspires, motivates and animates the costumer to buy the products

  • The sales person creates a level of trust and sympathy in a very short amount of time

16. A successful sales person maintains the relationship to his costumer even after a successful sale.

17. A successful sales person is mentally prepared for the sales talk. He practices possible questions, answers, and situations for himself.

18. A successful sales person is always ambitious to offer the best possible solution for his client.

19. A successful sales person should not only satisfy his client but to fill him with enthusiasm for the company, products and sales person, too.

20. A successful sales person continues his job at that point where others have given up.

21. A successful sales person doesn´t know an end of work moment, he does not work because he hast to but because he wants to.

22. A successful sales person does not wait for the perfect sales result day. He simply creates that day with his mental strength and his attitude.


23. A successful sales person can hardly wait to meet his costumer and partner in conversation.

24. A successful sales person loves being in touch with people. He takes every chance to meet people.

25. A successful sales person looks for as much contact to the people around him as possible. Due to the conversations he can actually use what he/she has learned in everyday life. It is not always about selling but also about how to build up relationships, deepen them and turn them into long term relationships.

26. A successful sales person is self-confident. That is clearly visible in words and behavior. Hence the costumer feels secure and trusts the sales person.

27. A successful sales person is brave and takes risks.

28. A successful sales person is aware of his/her strength, talents and abilities and knows how to use those in an active business conversation.

29. A successful sales person is always prepared for objections and counter arguments.

30. A successful sales person does not answer questions which a costumer hasn´t even asked.

31. A successful sales person never sells his products over the price but over the benefits.

32. A successful sales person has automated his sales technics, has them handy and can use them at any moment of the sales talk.

33. A successful sales person can create a functioning relationship to his costumer in the shortest amount of time which makes sales talk much easier.

34. A successful sales person has a fully booked schedule.

35. A successful sales person does not get discouraged by denials. He knows that refusals are part of the business.

36. A successful sales person has his daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals always present in front of his inner eye. There are no excuses for him but only solutions. He is willing to achieve the set goals by working hard and using endurance, knowledge, and discipline, healthy way of living and mental strength.

37. A successful sales person does not sell for the sake of proofing something to others but because he is convinced of the products and services of his company.

38. A successful sales person works mainly with recommendations. People will love to recommend you because you fulfil and even surpass expectations of your costumers.

39. A successful sales person does not bargain over the price. Because of his appearance, expertise and charismatic ways clients will be even willing to pay more. Should price discussions appear nevertheless a successful sales person will justify the price with powerful arguments. He will achieve that with smart questions and communication skills.

40. A successful sales person has a wide and deepened knowledge in different areas of life and that makes him an attractive personality.

41. A successful sales person knows that everything needs time to develop and is not disappointed if the client does not agree to buy the very same day. He simply continues doing what he can do best: selling.

Please consider the following fact: A costumer does not only buy your products but also the feelings he has when meeting you the first time. The first moment of meeting decides everything.

The costumer looks at you and either he feels attracted to you or he doesn´t. If your personality is energetic enough he will want to work with you. So if you appear to be unhappy, unsatisfied and undecided the costumer will realize that.

To become an attractive and interesting personality means that a person has the aura of something special about him/her. That person has such an attracting energy that nobody can help it but wants to exchange conversation with that person. In short words he/she is motivating, healthy, inspiring, is happy about life and radiates self-confidence and security.

I am a business person since over 12 years. During my career I have always been right at the front and direct touch to costumers. I have never only sold products but also my emotions which I added passionately.

After all these years I do understand the importance of the following points. They will decide if a product or service will be a success at the market or not. These are the things that identify the successful sales personality:

  • An interesting personality

  • Charisma

  • A role model

  • Motivating

  • Sociable

  • Communicative

  • A top service oriented person – he/she takes care of his/her clients

  • Has empathy

  • Leading

  • Can be trusted

The above mentioned 10 points are crucial if you want to sell successfully. If one of these points is missing generally or in the structure of your personality then failure will appear not only in sales but in your private life as well. This happened in my case, too. I worked in financial business section for a long time and was one of the most successful external duty representatives in our company. But my success started to fade as soon as I started to be unable to identify myself with the company or its philosophy in 2011. The company issued new products on the market which I did not believe in and could not identify with. I knew that if I would sell these products to my clientele than I would not be an honest and authentic person anymore. That was the reason why I resigned my job and started my own business.


And this is exactly the point. In about 95% sales representatives, managing directors, consultants or managers of companies would not buy the products themselves which they have to sell to their customers.

This is my opinion:

Companies develop new products nonstop for the sake of surviving at the market. Generally this is ok.

But there are also disadvantages. The external duty – or sales representative has to sell these newly developed products at the market. A lot of businesses do not take their time to train their employees thoroughly about the new products and sales technics. Since most sales representatives work mainly on commission system the companies often shorten the old well-known products but raise them for the newer ones. The result is an enormously increased pressure for the sales representative which leads to psychological and physical problems.

The new commission rules, products and other changes will be done in written version. Sales assistants, external duty representatives and consultants have to return those written changes to the managing director or their sub visor within a few days only including their signature. If he/she doesn´t return it employees have to be aware that they might get fired. That will lead to fear that the employee might lose the basic pillar to his life – the paycheck/income. We do almost everything when it comes to surviving. Therefor sales representatives will sell the new products under a lot of pressure to their most potential costumers. At the same time companies start a marketing campaign in which the new products will be planted into the subconscious of the clients. This will happen by using the internet, TV or radio spots.

Conclusion: a successful sales person should...


  • Own the products he wants to sell his costumers himself.

  • Know the worth of the company he works for and is able to identify with it

  • Eats healthy and well even if he/she hast to cook him/herself

  • Works out regularly

  • Has an impressive appearance


Is an interesting personality (huge knowledge in different areas of life and profession)

  • Has an aura of security, trust, confidence, zest for life, and enthusiasm.

  • Has built up a well-functioning  big network of clients, company representatives and friends  so clients can receive solution for their needs out of one hand

  • Has communicative skills

  • Never loses his set goals out of sight

  • Achieves recommendations for his fantastic work

  • Continuously increases his knowledge with studies

  • Is open for new solutions and remains dynamic

  • Knows how to handle stress and problems

  • Because of his mental fitness stress can´t bother him


This exercise shows you how you can reflect your abilities as sales person. It is not about wrong or right but more about questioning your status quo. The best most successful sales personalities are those who never stop learning and who grow constantly. That is why I am asking you to go through this exercise with great care and honesty.


Which company do you work for?



Can you identify yourself with the company´s products and service a 100%?

Ο Yes    Ο No

Do you know the values of the company? If so which are they?


Do these values harmonize with your own personal values?

Ο Yes     Ο No

What kind of reputation do you think has that company at the market?

Ο bad    Ο good    Ο very good

Do you think your sub visor, sales manager or managing director is a competent person?

Ο Yes     Ο No

Does your superior, sales manager, or managing director appreciate the work you do?

Ο Yes     Ο No


Do you get trained in sales regularly? 

Ο Yes     Ο No

Does your employer train you about already established and new products regularly? 

Ο Yes     Ο No


Are you a charismatic person?   

Ο Yes  Ο No


How would you judge your own appearance?

Ο satisfying

Ο well

Ο very good


Did you buy the products that you sell to your costumers for yourself?

Ο Yes

Ο No


If you marked no, then explain why not


Do you work out regularly?

Ο Yes

Ο No

If you marked no then explain why not


How do you judge your knowledge as sales representative?

Ο satisfying

Ο good

Ο very good


Do you know a person who could support you to achieve greater knowledge?



Do you like selling?

Ο Yes

Ο No


In case you marked no, please add why!



Do people recommend you as sales person?

Ο Yes

Ο No


In case you marked no, why do you think is that the case?


How much to you earn monthly at present?


Payment in CHF___________

How much would you like to earn monthly?


Payment in CHF ____________

How much is the difference between your paycheck now and your wished for payment?


Amount in CHF __________


Until when do you want to achieve the paycheck of your dreams?

Date (day/month/year) _________________


What do you have to do that you achieve that monthly salary guaranteed?

Please note everything that is necessary for that.

  1. ___________________________________

  2. ___________________________________

  3. ___________________________________

  4. ___________________________________

  5. ___________________________________

  6. ___________________________________

  7. ___________________________________

  8. ___________________________________

  9. ___________________________________

  10. ___________________________________


How do you judge your own sales abilities?

Ο satisfying

Ο good

Ο very good

What are your communication skills like?

Ο satisfying

Ο good

Ο very good

Measure: Who could support you on this topic? Who is the person you could learn from? 


Measure: When will you get in touch with him or her? 

Date (day/month/year) ___________________


Do you have a big extended network?

Ο Yes   Ο No


Who in your network is trustworthy so that you could work together?

Surname / First name: __________________________

Surname / First name: __________________________

Surname / First name: __________________________

Surname / First name: __________________________

Surname / First name:  __________________________


Until when do you want to get in touch with him/her?

Date(day/month/year) ___________________


How do you handle fears and sorrow?



Are you mentally fit?   

Ο  Yes   Ο  No


If no, who could help you to increase your mental fitness and strength?

Name: _____________________________________

Website: _____________________


When: ______________________


Now you have a rough picture about yourself and your actual situation: If you, like so many other coaching participants, want to sell your products and services without difficulties and earn over averagely you should get informed about my coaching courses.

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